Regimental Focus: Catachan

There’s a new Astra Militarum codex on the way, and with it, distinct rules for 8 regiments! Regimental Doctrines work similarly to Chapter Tactics, Legion Traits and forge world dogmas. Each Regimental Doctrine is designed to reflect the varied ways the Astra Militarum fight, and have been specially designed to reward a wide variety of army builds. Every Regimental Doctrine applies to both your infantry and vehicles, meaning whether you’re marching with the Mordians or claiming victory for the Valhallans you’ll be able to do so with the army you want to build. We’ll be previewing some of our favourite Regimental Doctrines all week, starting with the legendary Catachans.

Catachan armies have a two-part Regimental Doctrine designed to reflect the impressive strength of the jungle fighters:

The first part of Brutal Strength is fairly handy, and can allow your infantry to press the advantage in melee against weaker foes like Fire Warriors. Where this ability really comes into its own is with the second part; Catachan tanks are going to be among the deadliest in the game thanks to their reliability. Using a Wyvern and want to make the most of the quad stormshard mortar’s 4D6 shots? Love the Leman Russ but wish the battle cannon was more reliable? Want to ensure the Shadowsword’s volcano cannon puts down a pesky Renegade Knight? Pick the Catachans for your regiment.

Best Units

There are all sorts of uses for Brutal Strength, and nearly all of them are more sensible than using the Deathstrike – but none are quite so fun, or quite so Catachan. After all, what is the deathstrike missile but the tank-based equivalent of an enormous bicep? With each hit causing a mortal wound, every single shot counts – Brutal Strength makes sure the deathstrike missile lives up to its name. When you really, truly want an enemy dead, the Vortex Missile Stratagem should all but guarantee that your target is obliterated:

Of course, if you like infantry-based Catachan armies, they’re still a solid choice, with Catachan Command Squads being a particularly powerful option. Equip yours with a heavy flamer and four flamers, and you’ll have a devastating close assault unit, bolstered considerably by the unique Catachan order, Burn Them Out!

If anyone charges you, they’ll have to walk through a wall of flame, and then, if you’ve got a command point to spare, suffer some deadly mortal wounds from Vicious Traps.

Whether you’re looking to create a particularly devastating armoured column, or just really, really like flamers, there’s a lot to love about the Catachans. Tomorrow, we’ll be going from the shirtless to the suited-and-booted with the Mordian Iron Guard, a regiment designed to excel at defensive order – and equipped with a unique order that’ll spell doom for any enemy looking to exploit the seeming safety of characters.

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