Relics of Treachery – Chaos Artefacts in Traitor Legions

One of the coolest things in the new Traitor Legions book (and the list is long) are the thematic and powerful relics that every Legion can take for their heroes. Some of these items have long and notorious histories stretching back to the Horus Heresy and beyond, while some are iconic objects acquired from Daemon-infested worlds within the Eye of Terror, which mirror the corruption of their owners.


Here are a few of our favourites, and some thoughts on where they might fit into your army.

Alpha Legion


Icon of Insurrection

We love this item because it works just how you would imagine the Alpha Legion would. It grants Zealot to Chaos Cultists within range, making them better at holding objectives (as they aren’t going to run off) and at overpowering less numerous enemies with buckets of close combat dice. This frees up anyone nearby named Alpharius to cackle maniacally as their nefarious plans unfold (we imagine). Also, we think it’s just a little too convenient that nefarious rhymes with Alpharius… it’s probably a conspiracy. 

Iron Warriors


Siegebreaker Mace

A mace is the perfect symbol of office for an Iron Warriors warlord. This formidable weapon has the option to make a single titanic swing that can shatter any armour and pound fortifications to dust. Strength 10 AP1 makes a mess of most things, and it’s Master-crafted too, just in case you miss that hit roll.

Night Lords


Vox Daemonicus

This little item decreases enemy Leadership within 6″ by 1, which might not sound like much, but combined with the -2 to Ld for Fear tests effect that comes with Night Lords as standard, and the -2 that comes with their core formation, the Raptor Talon, and… well you see where this is going. Even Leadership 10 models will be failing their Fear tests most of the time, and breaking any weaker unit you charge becomes all but a certainty – just the way these masters of terror tactics like it.

Word Bearers


The Cursed Crozius

Of course there’s a daemonic crozius; it’s the Word Bearers.

This thing is a beast. +2 Strength and AP3 means that it’s going to be smashing through loyalist Space Marines units with ease, and just to be sure, you get Preferred Enemy on all Imperial units. Take that, servants of the false Emperor!

Black Legion


Last Memory of Yuranthos

This first appeared in the Black Legion codex supplement, and it’s still just as deadly. This item allows a psyker possessing it to cast the powerful Sunburst psychic power with an 18″ radius (ouch!). Better yet though, in Traitor Legions, it combines nicely with the new Sons of the Warmaster Formation, which increases the reliability of your Deep Striking units. This means that a Sorcerer, perhaps accompanied by the elite black-clad Terminators of the Black Legion, can Deep Strike in and unleash a powerful Nova ability into the heart of the enemy on the first turn of the game! A deadly speartip strike, just as the Black Legion is famed for.

World Eaters



The other axe of Angron, twin of the one carried by Khârn the Betrayer. We love the idea of including both of these in an army – reunited in bloodshed after 10,000 years. It comes with Armourbane, +2 Strength, AP2 and Instant Death on 6’s, meaning it can slice anything in half, pretty sharpish. It is Unwieldy, however, so you will need to make sure you’re still alive when you swing it (or, you could give it to a Daemon Prince…).

Thousand Sons


Astral Grimoire

We saw this in Wrath of Magnus last week, but those relics are all in here too. This item lets you select an Infantry unit within 12″ to become Jump Infantry for a turn. Which is great for grabbing objectives with Rubric Marines, positioning flamers for optimal burning-death, or charging massive units of Tzaangor into targets that thought they were safe… Spoiler: they are not safe.

Death Guard


Poxwalker Hive

This upgrade turns your nearby units of Cultists into resilient, un-ending hordes of plague zombies. What’s not to love?

Emperor’s Children



This incredibly potent once-per-game ability unleashes a sonic scream that can rip a Terminator unit to pieces, and even crumple Dreadnoughts. Very fitting for a lord of the III Legion.

Every force in the new book has 6 Chaos Artefacts, and that is on top of the Warlord Traits, Formations, Detachments and other rules that they also get.

All in, it’s a great time to be a traitor.

Pre-order the new book now, and pick it up in stores this weekend.

You will need a copy of Codex: Chaos Space Marines to use this supplement.

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