Reports from the Age of Darkness

With no Warhammer Live this week, as our TV team make preparations to journey to AdeptiCon, we didn’t want to you guys to just sit there with nothing to watch.

So, here are couple of seminar videos, recorded at the Horus Heresy Weekender earlier this year.


If you’ve not been to an event like The Horus Heresy Weekender before, nothing is quite like being there.

A few of our studio staff will be doing seminars at the AdeptiCon event near Chicago USA next week, so there’s a perfect chance to get in on the action yourself. 

For those of you on this side of the pond, the next big date for your calendar is Warhammer Fest this May. This is the highlight event in the Warhammer calendar, where we’ll have news, announcements and demonstrations about every corner of the hobby, as well as Grand Tournaments for 5 of our game systems.

Find out more, and grab your ticket here:

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