Returning Classic Novels: Your Vote Counts!


In early 2018, we’ll be celebrating all things Black Library in a variety of exciting ways – and we want your help.

As part of the celebrations, we’re going to reprint two classic Black Library novels – one from the 41st Millennium and one from the World That Was – to give a new generation of readers the chance to hold must-read titles in their hands. And you are going to choose which two! Our editors have narrowed the field down to six choices for each category – and you can vote now for your favourites.

Do you want to travel Kislev with the ‘Riders of the Dead’, or return to the castle of the Great Enchanter in ‘Drachenfels’? Perhaps you’d like to see the ‘Lord of the Night’ fight again, or return to the days of a wilder Warhammer 40,000 with ‘Space Marine’. Well, the choice is in your hands – and here are the options.

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You have a week to cast your vote, as the poll closes at midnight on the 22nd of August – and if you desperately want to see a particular one of these novels made available once again next year, corral your friends into voting as well… every vote will count. We’ll announce the winners right here next week once the voting has finished.

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