REVEALED: Animated Heroes

When we showed you the trailer for Angels of Death recently (and our awesome media reel last year!), there were hints that it wasn’t the only animated project in the works… Well, hold on to your flak jackets, today we bring you exciting news about another series in the pipeline – an animated Warhammer 40,000 anthology! Today, we can show you some tiny (but oh-so-cool) teasers from the development of one of the episodes.

Helmed by the talented creatives who make up the Storyforge team, this new endeavour promises to be a treat for fans of the Dark Millennium. Word on the street is the first episode is penned by none other than Andy Smillie, the Black Library author who has left a blood-spattered trail of Flesh Tearers fiction in his wake. Sure, it might be an animation, but if the tidbits we’ve heard so far are anything to go by, you can expect all the visceral action* that is the hallmark of Warhammer 40,000! 

This new series doesn’t have a name yet (at least not one we can share), but it does have some awesome characters who are currently in search of their voices. When the news hit the Warhammer Community office, we were suddenly beset with aspiring Imperial agents eager to take on the roles…

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