Richard Beckett’s Kill Team Ophelia

If you’ve picked up a copy of the Kill Team Annual 2019, you’ll be aware that the Sisters of Battle can now take to the skirmish battlefields of the 41st Millennium too! One of the first hobbyists to unleash holy war in its smallest scale was Richard Beckett, and we simply had to show you the results of his efforts – Kill Team Ophelia…

Richard: Hallowed be the God-Emperor, he is truly divine for delivering to us such fine warriors! I’ve been a fan of the Sisters of Battle for as long as I’ve been in the hobby, picking up my first box of miniatures around the time that Codex: Witch Hunters was released. I remember looking at the artwork in that glorious tome and being captivated by the figures I saw. The juxtaposition of the pure and holy Sisters of Battle with the dark and sinister Inquisition made for a fantastically rich background to explore. So when Warhammer Community announced a full new range of plastic Sisters of Battle was on its way, I was rubbing my hands with glee.

And I must say, I was not disappointed! The Sisters of Battle miniatures are probably the finest models I’ve had the pleasure of working on. When the box of Battle Sisters hit my doormat, I spent so long poring over the frames, admiring all of the amazing details on the models, I almost forgot I had to actually stop and assemble them. I poured myself a hot cup of recaff and started recruiting for Kill Team Ophelia – a holy purgation squad from the Order of the Perditious Flame.

I began where any good Adepta Sororitas commander should – with fire! Sister Anna marches forward toting her trusty heavy flamer, her job to take out the multi-Wound models in the enemy kill team that would otherwise require many more shots to bring down. The ‘firepower’ she can generate with her holy flamer, coupled with a not-inconsiderable weapon profile, is great for keeping the riff-raff off the Sister Superior as she advances. Sister Anna is also a Demolitions specialist, giving her access to both the Breacher ability and the Custom Ammo Tactic, both of which serve to make her already auto-hitting heavy flamer into a truly potent weapon indeed. The Emperor’s wrath has never been more inescapable!

Sister Superior Ophelia herself brings an element of melee prowess to the kill team, at least until the Repentia are released! Her role is to pick out the tougher Characters with her power sword. I’ve also modelled her with a condemnor boltgun, meaning she can really punch above her weight at range if my opponent is reckless enough to consort with unsanctioned psykers.

The skill of a good commander is in knowing your weaknesses and seeking to minimise them, while maximising your strengths. The Sisters of Battle are typically a short- to mid-range force and excel at clearing targets off objectives through massed flame and bolter fire. However, long-range firefights can present them with a challenge in Kill Team. Sister Kataryna’s heavy bolter, with three Strength 5 shots at 36” range, addresses this nicely. Her role is to secure home-field objectives, but the Heavy specialism also means Sister Kataryna can keep up with her sisters to bring the Emperor’s judgement thanks to the Relentless ability. This gives her a very effective 48” range without having to worry about those pesky shooting penalties for moving.

A Battle Sisters squad is already a formidable force – individually a Battle Sister is harder to kill than a Tempestus Scion, let alone the average human soldier. Meanwhile, their power armour and their Shield of Faith ability (provide them a handy 6+ invulnerable save) means I can be confident that any given Battle Sister can hold her own should she be isolated from the support of her sisters when claiming those all-important objectives.

However, the Emperor helps those who help themselves, so Sister Helenya and her Simulacrum Imperialis will bring a handy buff to the team’s survivability. She’ll deploy where she’s needed most, sticking close to those sisters whose individual role is most critical for the opponent at hand. As a Comms specialist, Sister Helenya also provides a valuable bonus to shooting for the Battle Sister she is supporting, such as Sister Kataryna and her heavy bolter, with her Scanner rule (I prefer to think of it as the Emperor’s divine guidance). If I know I’m facing a psyker and need to bring Sister Ophelia’s condemnor boltgun to bear, Sister Helenya can ensure that not only will the Sister Superior be able to survive the enemy’s vile witchcraft, but her bolts will find their mark and end the curse of the witch once and for all.

Finally, Sisters Alycia, Victorya, Klayre, Kordelya and Margaritte round out the squad, providing a solid core of Battle Sisters and bolters. At least until the Repentia are released!

As a team the tactics are relatively simple – the squad will usually begin the game with as many sisters as possible within range of the protective aura from Sister Helenya’s Simulacrum Imperialis. Individuals will then peel off as required to capture objectives or deal with threats.

Thanks, Richard! If you’ve been inspired to start your own Adepta Sororitas kill team, make sure you grab a copy of the Kill Team Annual 2019 for their rules, as well as some Battle Sisters for a reliable core of warriors and some great candidates for your Specialists.

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