Road to AdeptiCon – Part 2

We caught up with Pete, head of the Books and Boxed Games studio to see how preparations for the upcoming trip to AdeptiCon are coming along – here’s what he had to say:

Pete: I am so excited!

In only a few months, Jes, Ben, Rob and myself will take the long trip across the ocean to attend AdeptiCon. We will all finally be let out of the Design Studio to spend some quality time with thousands of enthusiastic hobbyists playing games, seeing amazingly painted armies and generally hanging out and talking about the thing that we all love.

It’s going to be an intense few days of hobby activity. On the first night, I will be hosting a Games Workshop seminar where I will be showing off some of the fantastic books and games that are coming up in 2017. I can’t wait to give everyone attending a sneak peak of what we have all been working so hard on.

The next morning, my Ironjawz, led by feared Megaboss ‘Da Mariner’, will be taking to the field in the Vanguard event for Age of Sigmar. I love Vanguard events, as they are a really different challenge to the usual 2000 points matched play style, and they force me to make some really difficult choices when constructing my army. Ironjawz are my first, all new, army for Age of Sigmar and so I have been trying to get them out to as many events as possible.

On Friday, the whole team will be taking part in the Age of Sigmar Team Tournament. We will be combining all of our Age of Sigmar armies together to battle for the future of the Mortal Realms.

Then, on Saturday and Sunday, we will again be combining our powers to take on the challenge of the Warhammer 40,000 Team Tournament. With the launch of the Gathering Storm, we have decided to cast our lot with the forces of the Imperium. Each of us is taking a different faction from those that defended Cadia. I will be commanding the stalwart forces of the Astra Militarum, fielding a detachment of Cadia’s finest. They may be bowed, but the Imperium’s soldiery is far from broken. I hope I can live up to the honour of the regiment.

Leading my Detachment will be Lord Castellan Creed. I will be fielding the esteemed general one more time, celebrating his heroic defence of the Cadian Sector. As one of the key protagonists, and surely the greatest hero of the first instalment of the Gathering Storm, it seemed only right that he should be commanding the Astra Militarum Detachment.

The most exciting thing for me as a hobbyist using this army is that we are going to bring the Studio collections. That means that not only will we be playing as the alliances forged in the Gathering Storm, but we’re also getting to field the actual miniatures used in the books on the tabletop. Hopefully, all of our opponents will be as excited to play against the studio armies as we are to be getting to play with them (they’re usually kept safe in a cabinet until they’re needed for their photo shoots).

Stay tuned to the Warhammer Community page to find out more about our ‘Road to AdeptiCon’ and make sure that you go to for more details about the event itself. See you in Chicago!

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