Road to AdeptiCon – Seminars

AdeptiCon is one of the highlight events in the Warhammer calendar and one of the largest dedicated wargaming conventions in the world. Amongst dozens of other tournaments campaigns and competitions, it plays host to the famed Warhammer 40,000 Team Tournament: the largest number of gamers playing in a single Warhammer tournament anywhere in the world.

As the shining beacon of hobby awesomeness around North America’s Great Lakes, Games Workshop and the Warhammer Community team are delighted to support this fantastic event.

This year, we’ll be there in a big way, and as well as broadcasting some of the action live with Warhammer TV, we’re also taking along some of our design studio staff who will be playing in the some of the events and giving seminars on various aspects of the Warhammer hobby.

AdeptiCon runs from Wednesday the 22nd of March to Sunday the 26th.

For those of you attending AdeptiCon this year, here’s some of the confirmed line-up so far:

Games Workshop Studio Preview                                

Wednesday – 8:00 PM and 10:00 PM

This is cool.

We’re going to be showing off some upcoming releases for the first time. We can’t say much more at the moment but rest assured, we’ll be showcasing some very cool stuff.

Games Workshop Presents: Warhammer TV Painting (Duncan Rhodes)

Wednesday – 4:30 PM

Friday – 5:00 PM

Sunday – 2:00 PM

Warhammer TV’s own Duncan will be showing off his brushwork at three Seminars over the event.

Games Workshop Presents: Age of Sigmar ‘Generals’ (Rob Symes & Ben Johnson)

Wednesday – 10:00 PM

Ben is part of the team that creates our Warhammer Age of Sigmar books, while Rob talks Warhammer for hours every week on Warhammer TV. Between them, they’ve won dozens of Warhammer events. Basically, they know their stuff.

Games Workshop Presents: Writing for Black Library (Andy Smillie)

Thursday – 10:00 PM

Sunday – 2:00 PM

Author of many a Flesh Tearers tale, Andy Smillie will be appearing twice at the weekend to share his insight into writing for Black Library.

Games Workshop Presents: Rules Writing (Jes Bickham & Robin Cruddace)

Saturday – 5:00 PM

Two of our Warhammer 40,000 writing team chat all things 41st Millennium.

Games Workshop Presents: Ask the Studio! (Pete Foley & Jes Bickham)

Saturday – 7:30 PM

Sunday – 2:00 PM

The head of Games Workshop’s publications in our design studio, and the manager of our writing team answer your questions.

Pretty cool line-up, we hope you’ll agree.

Tickets for some of these events have sold out already, while more events may be added.

Find out more about how to secure your place over on the AdeptiCon website.

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