Sanctus Reach – the Video Game

The battlefields of the Sanctus Reach come to digital-life today with the release of the new video game, set in the War Zone. Mike Knight from our Licensing Team has been working closely with Slitherine Ltd. who created the game, and shared his thoughts on this new game.

Mike: Sanctus Reach is a new turn-based Warhammer 40,000 strategy game developed by Straylight and published by Slitherine for PC.

The story recreates the Sanctus Reach campaign, (Red Waaagh! and Hour of the World) the climactic struggle between the Space Wolves and the Orks of Gruk Face-Rippa’s Red Waaagh! as they clash on the surface of the Knight world, Alaric Prime! Two distinct in-game campaigns, Stormclaw and the Hour of the Wolf seek to recreate this massive conflict. Each campaign has a number of iconic characters and heroes that add depth to the campaign and allow the player to take the battle to the enemy with the assistance of their favourite Warhammer 40,000 heroes. Take command as Logan Grimnar, Ragnar Blackmane or Krom Dragongaze and drive back the green tide.

With nearly 30 different unit types for each faction, one will never run out of different tactical and strategic options to approach each battle. See your units and heroes progress battle after battle as they gain experience and level up, gaining new abilities. As you can see from the pictures, great care has been taken to recreate the look of the tabletop miniatures in this virtual environment.

Orks and Space Wolves play very differently, as one might imagine. Space Wolves rely on superior elite units, advanced technology and superior firepower as well as an unbreakable courage and individual warrior valour, while the Orks will rush at the enemy with a reckless abandon, seeking close combat and heedless of  losses (even to friendly fire)!

All weapon types have been faithfully represented, and you’ll find that the correct choice of weapon will be a key factor in deciding the outcome of a fire exchange.

Among the many Imperial units in game, there are currently only two non-Space Wolves ones: the mighty Imperial Knights Gerantius and the Scorched Knight. These battlefield behemoths are sure to rain devastation upon the enemy faction. The Greenskins will counter them with their own heavyweight, the massive Gorkanaut.

The same attention to detail and time used for the unit models has been devoted to the terrain, buildings and props that populate the vast campaigns scenarios and random skirmish maps. Straylight wanted to recreate the atmosphere of a true Warhammer 40,000 battlefield, as well as that of Alaric Prime, with its acidic swamps, barren hollow hills and ruined Imperial Cities. Fans of the Warhammer 40,000 scenery range will no doubt recognise a number of terrain features from the building architecture to the promethium pipelines that criss cross the battlefield.

The game also includes an editor, allowing players to create their very own dream battlefield, with terrain and maps as well as weapons made to closely represent their tabletop equivalents.

Players will be taking into account morale, positioning, cover, weapons employed, experience, special abilities, and terrain while fighting through the many battles in the game. Straylight, the developers, were inspired by PC classics such as Chaos Gate and Final Liberation. With such glorious inspiration, we are sure that Sanctus Reach will deliver a fantastic Warhammer 40,000 strategy experience.

The game is available to download now on Steam for PC.

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