Shattered, but not broken

Not content with just a new Primarchs novel, this weekend also sees the next numbered Horus Heresy book hit the shelves in the form of ‘Shattered Legions’. This anthology collects together eleven tales – ten short stories and a novella – featuring, as you may expect, the Shattered Legions, a coalition of survivors from the Isstvan V massacre who wage a guerrilla war on Horus and his traitorous armies.

The anthology includes stories told from loyalist and traitor perspectives as the Shattered Legions try to slow Horus’ advance, and the Warmaster’s armies hunt Shadrak Meduson, Iron Hands warleader and the mastermind behind the guerrilla campaign.

It’s a fantastic insight into one of the shadow wars waged during the Heresy, and it’s available to download now as an eBook or MP3 audiobook, or you can order the hardback:

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