Skulls, Space Marines and more: This week’s new releases

This week from Games Workshop, you’ll be able to add some fast moving firepower to your Primaris Space Marines, upgrade your Ultramarines with new shoulder pads and accessories, grab some great new dice or build awesome bases with our new hobby kits:

The Primaris Inceptors multi-part kit is packed with options. As well as rapid firing assault bolters, you’ll be able to equip yours with paired plasma exterminators – perfect for decimating armoured units at close range. The kit also allows you to customise your models with poseable limbs and fins, as well as alternative helmets, and is a great way to round out your Inceptors from the Dark Imperium or Know No Fear boxed sets.

If you’re an Ultramarines collector, the Space Marine Ultramarines Primaris Upgrades set is packed with ways to customise your miniatures. As well as a range of sculpted shoulder pads – including options for both Mk X Tacticus and Mk X Gravis armour wearing models – there are unique heads, accessories and honours to add character to your favourite troopers, and even a gladius – perfect for an Intercessor Sergeant, or even a Captain.

The Astartes Dice allow you to match your dice to your Space Marines. These come in four different colours and with four different icons: Chaplain-themed dice for Morale tests, Librarian-themed dice for Psychic tests, Techmarine-themed dice for your repairs and Apothecary-themed dice for restoring wounds. However you use yours, they’re a fun and thematic way to show your dedication to the Adeptus Astartes.

The flexible Barbed Bracken and Creeper Vines allow you to create stunning and realistic effects on the bases of your miniatures. Tonnes of details means you’ll be able to recreate lush and ancient jungles or verdant xenos flora, while flexible plastic means you can wrap the Creeper Vines around your scenery or your models.

Finally, with the Citadel Skulls set, you’ll be able to add some morbid flair to any miniature. While most of our miniatures are absolutely festooned with skulls, there’s always room for more. If you’ve ever been rifling through a friend’s bits box for the perfect trophy for your favourite character, or needed to add some grisly decoration one of your bases, this kit is for you; there are 340 skulls from mortals, Daemons, Orks, monsters, beasts and more.

All these new releases are available for pre-order from Games Workshop.

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