Space Marines, Necrons and the Best Codexes EVER

The new Space Marines and Necrons codexes are the best codexes we’ve ever made, and they’re available to pre-order from today, along with a range of awesome models, including the Silent King himself. There’s even some sweet merchandise on the Warhammer Merch store. Join us as we take a look through all of today’s pre-orders.

This Space Marines codex is the biggest we’ve ever released, featuring an amazing 98 datasheets! Along with Chapter Command options, additional Stratagems and Crusade rules, there are background sections and rules for each of the First Founding Chapters and their successors, including the Deathwatch. This is the definitive guide to the Adeptus Astartes and is available in a glorious collector’s edition version, as well as a hardback edition.

Want to master your new rules on the tabletop? We’ve got you! Easily keep track of the 34 Stratagems, 12 psychic powers, and 7 Litanes of Battle from Codex: Space Marines with these handy datacards. They also include cards for the 7 Core Stratagems and a card for the Smite psychic power, giving you all the rules you need to conquer the tabletop in the palm of your hand.

Along with the codex and datacards, there are some incredible reinforcements on the way for the Adeptus Astartes. First up is the Invader ATV. Add fast-moving firepower to your force and gun down any who would dare to defy the Emperor with either an onslaught gatling cannon or a multi-melta.

If you like your faith as swift as your heavy weapons, grab the new Primaris Chaplain on Bike. This skull-helmed zealot is perfect for zooming around the battlefield, chanting stirring Litanies of Battle and smiting your enemies with his massive crozius arcanum. There’s even a spare head in the kit, that is possibly the sternest, most unforgiving face we’ve ever seen.*

Finally, for the Emperor’s finest, there’s the Firestrike Servo-turret – when you have this much firepower, you don’t need to be as manoeuvrable as an Invader ATV. Armed with twin accelerator autocannons or twin las-talons it can cut down hordes of troops or devastate enemy armour. These heavily armoured gun platforms can be fielded in units of three – the perfect addition for Space Marine players looking for some ranged clout.

Fans of the Raven Guard, Imperial Fists, Iron Hands, and Salamanders can also get themselves a set of Chapter-specific dice. They all feature the Chapter icon in place of the ‘6’ and the Prime Helix of the Apothecarion in place of a ‘1’  – the perfect way to show your dedication to your Chapter.


Of course, it’s not all about the Space Marines this week! The Necrons are also getting a stunning codex too, just what they need to reclaim the galaxy after eons asleep. Packed with awesome rules content, this codex introduces the Szarekhan (the Silent King’s own dynasty) for the first time, along with options to create your own Dynastic Code. This codex is available in both collector’s edition and hardback versions. It’s fair to say that the enemies of the Necrons will be wishing that they’d had a lie-in.

While an Overlord may be able to store all the details of the new codex’s 40 Stratagems, 9 Powers of the C’tan, and 6 Command Protocols in their memory engrams, we mere mortals find that these datacards are a much easier way to quickly refer to them. There are even cards for the 7 Core Stratagems so you’ll have all the tactics of the Triarch at your fingertips.

The new Necrons codex includes rules for the Silent King for the first time, and we couldn’t very well give you rules for the Necrons’ supreme leader without releasing a truly amazing model to represent him. This glorious kit makes a great centrepiece for your Necrons army and is also a fantastic painting project. The Silent King is also really handy in a fight – just check out his rules here.

Proving that being part of the Destroyer Cult can be a good thing, the new Lokhust Heavy Destroyers are bigger, better and just downright cooler than ever before. Based on one of the original concept sketches for these murderous killers, this kit also includes a choice of weapons – the tank-busting gauss destructor or the infantry-deleting enmitic exterminator.

You wait epochs for a robot armed with a massive gun and two come along at once! The Canoptek Doomstalker is a massive walking gun – its main weapon is the devastating doomsday blaster. Turn it up to high power and watch it just obliterate anything you point it at.

Finally, we have a set of Necrons Dice. While the cold-hearted logic of the dynasties might have eradicated such notions as superstition, we still think you’ll want to grab these incredibly cool-looking dice. Featuring the Ankh of the Triarch on the ‘6’ and a Necron skull on the ‘1’, they look like they have been cast in pure noctilith.**

Art Here

Want to get your hands on some stunning limited edition Space Marines and Necrons artwork? We have just the thing, and they each come with the start of a new army, plus your codex and datacards. These bundles include all of their faction’s new model releases and the Warhammer 40,000 Elite Edition, making them perfect for starting a brand-new force or adding to an existing one.

These signed and framed pictures are strictly limited edition, so make sure that you act faster than a Chaplain on his new bike to get your hands on one. 

Start Here

Have a friend or family member  who might be interested in Warhammer 40,000? Then the new Getting Started with Warhammer 40,000 book is the ideal way for them to take their first steps into the 41st Millennium. Even someone with no Warhammer hobby knowledge will be able to jump right into the fun as it takes you through the basics of collecting, building, and painting an army before unleashing them in battle. It even comes with two models – a Necron Warrior and a Space Marines Assault Intercessor.


If you’re looking for another way to show your allegiance to either the Necrons or the Space Marines, check out the Warhammer Merch store. There are two completely new ranges featuring artwork from the codexes. Check out these t-shirts for example  – you can choose from either a Triarch Praetorian or a Land Raider schematic.

Whichever one you prefer, you’ll look the part as you read through your next codex, assemble and paint your models, and get ready for battle.

All of this is available to pre-order so head over to the webstore now. It will also be on the shelves of your local Warhammer store from next week. Don’t forget that the codexes have a code in them to unlock their content in Warhammer 40,000: The App, so make sure that you download it!

* Unfortunately due to reasons beyond our control, the Primaris Chaplain on Bike won’t be available to pre-order in Australia and New Zealand until the 17th of October. We promise that this brilliant model is definitely worth the wait.
** We can’t guarantee that these dice will automatically deny any enemy psychic powers though.

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