Stephen Green’s Ork Odyssey

We recently showcased Stephen’s first painted models (see them here), so we figured it was past time to show off some of his more recent work. It looks like he’s had a bit of practice!  

Starting an Ork Army

Having just started the Beast Arises series from Black Library with the brilliant book “I am Slaughter” by Dan Abnett, I began to remember the long felt love I have for Warhammer 40,000’s Ork range, and with it the desire to have a huge Ork army.

The thing that has always made me quake with dread is the volume of models that one must get painted in order to both be successful as a mighty Ork Warlord and of course to have that feel of a proper Ork Waaagh!.

Now master tactician I am not, so the choices I will make on my Ork Odyssey (Orkyssey?) may seem to some people to be somewhat sub-optimal, but what I am looking for is an Ork army that looks and feels right, and hopefully will be fun to play with and against. After all, there will be an awful lot of Orks on the table, and that is in itself fun.

So where does one begin when trying to eat an elephant? I figured that the correct place is probably the Start Collecting box! In my opinion, the Start Collecting! Orks box is one of the best out there, giving you a whopping 17 models and no less than four slots (at admittedly minimum headcount) on the force organisation chart.

First up out of the box is my HQ – and one of the best ways to keep the light-armoured Ladz in the fight – the Painboy! This chap is a brilliant model and a real delight to paint. With good reason, a lot of people who will never play with an Ork army own this model just for the joy of painting it. I had a great time painting him, and was as little sad when he was done.

Next out of the box is the mob of Boyz. Now at this point, I have to point out the overarching theme of the army, as then the rest of my decisions, weapon options and paint scheme will make a lot more sense to you, fine reader.

My army moto is: “All the gear, no idea”, and is based around an incredibly wealthy but tactically inept clan of Bad Moon Orks. As we all know, the Bad Moons grow teef faster than any other type of Ork, and since this is the main currency for Orkdom, they are able to get all the best stuff. As such, the army will be kitted out with loads of clobber – whether or not any of it is necessary or even particularly useful.

Coming back to my first mob of Boyz, these guys are bedecked in the yellow spot colour of the Bad Moons and ready to dish out a fair few shots with their shootas before getting stuck in. I have added hand painted designs to their back armour plates so that everyone is sure that Bad Moons are the best.

This little detail makes me smile as I think that, as miniature painters, we often spend much more time on the fronts of models rather than their backs. I have always seen this as a respectful nod to your opponent that they get to see the best sides of your models (at least until they run away). When playing with this army, I will be able to look at my handy work, and the more Bad Moon icons I can see, the better I’ll know I’m doing.

Third out of the Start Collecting! box is some of the nicest models in the whole army, and these guys come with a raft of options, meaning they can do loads of different things and are generally great. I am, of course, talking about everybody’s favourite big ladz: the Nobz. You can go a lot of different ways with these guys. Ten of them tooled up for close combat in ‘eavy armour can be the worst nightmare of many armies. Even bare bones, they pack a hell of a punch and can take a fair amount of damage.

But, remember the theme “All the gear, no idea” – I have bedecked them with one shot rokkits and a skorcha. These guys are going to hang round with my Warboss as a bodyguard and so need to be pretty versatile. They also have oodles of teef to spend so have the shiniest guns. I am still not sure how effective they will be and I suspect that there will be a lot of learning involved in getting this unit to be its most effective.

Last – but by no means least – is the Deff Dread. This fella gives me my fourth slot on the force organisation chart and something for my opponent to worry about as it hits like a power claw but has Initiative 2!! Which doesn’t sound great, but means that for a lot of things that can hurt it in close combat, it can hurt them badly, and do so first.

The downside is that there is a lot of competition for the Heavy Support slots in the Ork army, as I stare with my hands full of Teef at the Gorkanaut, Lootas, Flashgitz (which I am going to have to get at some point as this is simply too Bad Moons to ignore) and the other juicy choices in this section.

My load out for the Deff Dread speaks of my fear, as a fledgling Ork player, of other army’s vehicles. Orks are great at carving up vehicles if they are stood next to them. The difficulty comes in actually getting to be next to them, which can be prevented by lots of shooting from the aforementioned vehicles. Therefore, a lot of the guns in my army are based around trying to kill enemy armour, so the Deff Dread gets a kustom mega blaster and rokkit launcher.

That there is the first baby steps into my Ork army. I will tell you of my progress next month when I will have hopefully got a load more to show you!

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