Subjugator Kit Focus – Tools of the Trade

This weekend sees the Palanite Subjugator Patrol bring their brutal idea of justice to Necromunda. Their new kit is full of little details – take a look as we pick out some of our favourite bits.

1 – Grenades on the Back

When storming a criminal stronghold, with your shield at your front and your team behind you, it’s always handy if they can grab one of these convenient grenades to throw at the lawbreakers in front of you. That’s teamwork!

2 – Grenades on the Front

Of course, it’s also good to keep some grenades where you can use them yourself. We guarantee that grenade necklaces will be the fashion must-have on Necromunda next season.

3 – I See You

Vigilance pattern assault shields are great at protecting your Subjugators from incoming fire and also clubbing “suspects” into submission. They each include a viewing window so that your Patrolmen can see what’s going on while remaining safe.

4 – Knock, Knock!

Sometimes, criminals won’t open the door for your Subjugators – how inconsiderate. What could be better than a device that not only smashes doors off their hinges but breaks the bones of miscreants just as easily? We’ll tell you what could be better: the same device with an underslung grenade launcher. Say hello to the SLHG* pattern assault ram.

5 – More Protection

Standard Palanite Enforcers are already pretty well protected in their flak armour, but Subjugators wear layered flak armour, which is especially good at protecting them from low blows.

6 – Sidearms

Most of the Subjugators carry a subjugation pattern grenade launcher as their main weapon, and it’s excellent at taking out crowds of perps. Sometimes, though, it’s good to have a backup weapon. Plus, it’s a lot easier to pistol-whip prisoners with a stub gun.

7 – Carry a Big Stick

When you’re charging a suspect with a crime, they sometimes deny it. Shocking, we know. Hitting them with a baton that has a few thousand volts running through it will soon change their minds. Do Watt comes naturally and hit them until it Hertz.

 8 – Pouches

You can’t add pockets into layered flak armour, but you can add pouches. Lots of pouches. Be careful though, on Necromunda, it’s a criminal offence to ask a Subjugator what’s in his pouches.

There you have it, all of the equipment that you need to enforce the law on Necromunda. The Palanite Subjugator Patrol is available to pre-order from Saturday. Make sure that you’ve got Necromunda: The Book of Judgement so that you have all the rules needed to get them out onto the mean streets of the underhive.

* We’re told this stands for “sledge hammer” – we know that doesn’t make sense, but we also know better than to point that out to a Subjugator.

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