T’au Empire Preview: Vior’la Sept

Perhaps the most iconic of the T’au Empire septs outside of the T’au Sept itself, and original home of Fire caste legend Commander Farsight, Vior’la Sept is well known for the impetuousness of its Fire Warriors and the aggressive tactics employed by its armies.

Like all Sept Tenets, Vior’la Detachments are armed with a powerful set of rules that’ll allow you to build a variety of unusual and thematic T’au Empire armies. Vior’la are focused, in particular, on speed and flexibility as illustrated by the Strike Fast Sept Tenet.

With this Sept Tenet, your battlesuits and infantry will be able to move quickly across the battlefield while maintaining a steady rate of fire – ideal whether you’re looking to claim objectives or just keep your units well away from enemy assault troops!

The XV86 has a strong claim to being the single most improved unit in the new Codex: T’au Empire, and is particularly powerful in a Vior’la Detachment. Previously, this aerial attack battlesuit had a fixed weapon set of a missile pod and a high-output burst cannon, but all that is changing. Now, you’ll be able to arm all four hardpoints on your Commander as you please, allowing for an array of powerful builds. What’s more, as all of these weapons have the Assault or Rapid Fire type, with the Vior’la Sept Tenet, you’ll be able to effectively move 40″ every turn and fire without penalty! We’d recommend equipping your Vior’la Commander with four fusion blasters for the ultimate tank hunter. Even if you end up overextending, the Neuroweb System Jammer Stratagem should help to keep you safe – or disrupt a key unit that’s threatening the rest of your army.

Being able to fire on the move with impunity is of great use to these stealthy battlesuits, making them an interesting counterpoint to the more static tactics employed by the Dal’yth Sept. Where they really come into their own in a Vior’la Detachment is with the Hot-blooded Stratagem:

While this ability has plenty of use with other T’au Empire units, such as Pathfinders or Strike Teams, with the XV25 Stealth Battlesuits, you’ll be able to make the most of their burst cannons. Indeed, with Vior’la, you won’t have to worry about declaring Mont’ka, and can instead declare Kauyon using your XV86 Coldstar Battlesuit Commander to make the most of this deluge of firepower.

By choosing the Vior’la Sept, you’ll be able to transform your T’au Empire army into a flexible and dynamic fighting force, capable of taking ground swiftly and offering devastating counter-attacks to any foe that gets close.

You won’t have long to wait until you can get your hands on the new rules for the T’au, with the next codex on pre-order tomorrow. If you can’t wait to get started, you can grab Start Collecting! T’au Empire right now.

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