The All-Devouring Swarm: New Tyranids Releases

The Tyranids are here, and no planet is safe… Yes, the new Codex: Tyranids is now on pre-order, along with some bio-engineered accessories just for you.

Codex: Tyranids is the latest adaptation of the hive fleets and contains all the rules you need to build your own swarm and devour your enemies (not literally – eating your opponents is frowned upon). There are 39 datasheets providing a host of options for army selection – including brand new Carnifex variants – while 7 sets of Hive Fleet Adaptations let you customise your army’s rules to suit your preferred play style (check out our article for more information on that). This is alongside 13 Warlord Traits and 12 Bio-artefacts that allow you to make your commanding creature and its lieutenants unique and powerful, while 28 Stratagems, 6 psychic powers and 6 Tactical Objectives provide a wealth of options for your games.

Whether you want to choke your opponents with a tide of Termagants or bring the pain with a force of huge bio-creatures, you’ll be able to create the Tyranid army you’ve always dreamed of. And of course, the codex also contains a Citadel Miniatures showcase and extensive background on the Tyranid race, the hive fleets, the Tyrannic Wars and much more.

You can spawn the first part of your army, or add a new element to it, with a brand new Start Collecting! Tyranids box too. This fantastic value set contains a Broodlord with a bodyguard of 8 Genestealers, and a mighty beast that can be built as either a Trygon or Mawloc.

Make your games easier with the Datacards: Tyranids set, containing handy reference cards for all the new Tyranids Stratagems and psychic powers, as well as a full set of Tactical Objectives, including the unique Tyranids ones.

Of course, Tyranids don’t just eat their enemies – they consume entire worlds down to the bedrock, so you might want some scenery as snacks for your hungry beasts. Today also sees the launch of three new Warhammer 40,000 scenery boxes (and three for Warhammer Age of Sigmar as well), which all provide a great value way to start building a battlefield or to add loads more obstacles to your existing tabletop.

Finally, there are also some new tools available to make building and painting your new Tyranids army (or whatever other projects you’re working on) easier. The Citadel Water Pot and Citadel Painting Mat are perfect for protecting your brushes and your surfaces as you prepare your army for battle, while the Citadel Painting Handle helps you to avoid smudging you paint and stops your hand cramping by securing your models in place for painting. 

There’s also a new style of tape measure available to pre-order for use in your games. In a fetching Death Guard green, it’s perfect for showing your allegiance to the Plague God or just making sure that you always pick up the right tape measure from the table.

All of these new releases are available to pre-order now from the Games Workshop webstore, and you can also order eBook editions of Codex: Tyranids from Warhammer Digital.

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