The American Team Championship: Teamwork and Tactics in Tennessee

The American Team Championship is coming – your chance not just to test your skills as a general but the bonds of friendship between you and your fellow gamers. We caught up with the organisers to find out more…

The American Team Championship is a three-day hobby event set in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The ATC features a five-person team format for competitive play in Warhammer 40,000, where teams pair off into individual games and battle their way to claim the title of “The Best Team in America”. So bring out your buddies and show the competition how it’s done!

The ATC features a multitude of Games Workshop events to whet your hobby appetite. In addition to the Warhammer 40,000 team tournament, you can also find a Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire Grand Clash, as well as Warhammer Age of Sigmar and Horus Heresy events. Whatever your gaming itch might be, the American Team Championship will have what you’re looking for.

Set in the spacious Camp Jordan Arena, the ATC provides plenty of space for the gaming needs of such a large and well-known tournament event. It is located near I-75 and is only a few miles from Chattanooga International Airport, providing easy travel access and plenty of good food to choose from nearby.

For more detailed event information on all events, check out the website at The 2018 ATC event will be held from July 13 – July 15, so come join the fun and enter the proving grounds to determine who has the best gaming group in the United States!

Thanks, guys! Tickets are selling fast – get yours on the ATC website.

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