The Art of the Necrons

While we can’t know for certain what artwork decorates the inside of the great Necron tombs, we do know what glorious images await in the new Necrons codex. Today, we’re sharing some of our favourite new art that can be found inside the definitive guide to the deathless dynasties.

First up is this amazing battle scene showing the T’au Empire making a massive mistake by landing on a Necron tomb world. Even the thickest of battlesuits are no match for the awesome power of gauss weaponry. In fact, they just have more layers for the destructive energy to peel away, prolonging the unfortunate pilot’s death – not by too long, though.

Next, we have this image representing a pict-capture from war zone Amontep II – it shows the mysterious C’tan Shard of the Void Dragon floating to battle. Things are not looking so good for the Adeptus Mechanicus mines and forges on the planet now. The tech-priests are finally seeing the full power of a machine god, just probably not theirs!

We also get a glimpse inside a tomb world as Illuminor Szeras gathers his forces and augments them, ready for the coming battles. Permeated by the sickly green haze of Necron technology, we see a few of the floating Canoptek constructs that aid in his twisted experiments.

With the return of the Silent King, the Szarekhan Dynasty are once again at the forefront of the Necrons’ reconquest of the galaxy. While they may have access to monstrous superweapons, long hoarded for their re-emergence, they also have access to countless Canoptek Scarab Swarms and these aren’t just used for war. As you can see in this picture, they’re deployed to shepherd herds of captives, but to what end? Nothing good, we’re sure… 

One Necron who is bound to appreciate all of the artwork in the new codex is the great collector, Trazyn the Infinite. He even has his own portrait, showing him relaxing after a hard day claiming artefacts for his personal collection.

The new Codex: Necrons, which features this incredible artwork, plus loads more, AND all of the rules you need to play this ancient race in games of Warhammer 40,000, is available to pre-order now. Get your copy here.

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