The Craftworlds Rise Again – new releases for the Asuryani

Codex: Craftworlds is now available to pre-order, alongside a range of models, accessories and boxed sets for any Aeldari player.

Codex: Craftworlds kicks off a new era for the Asuryani, providing them with a powerful new set of tactical tools with which to dominate the battlefields of the 41st Millennium. Customise your Craftworlds army with powerful and thematic new Craftworld Attributes, outsmart your foes with a range of advanced Stratagems and take advantage of a range of rules and points tweaks designed to make sure that every unit in the book is a powerful and viable option. With Codex: Craftworlds, you’ll be able to build your ideal Asuryani army, whether you want to field a fast-moving armoured column of grav-tanks, an indomitable host of Ghost Warriors or a defiant gathering of Aspect Warriors around an Avatar of Khaine.

If you’re yet to begin your Craftworlds collection, Start Collecting! Craftworlds is a great way to do it. Containing a powerful selection of units to base your army around, it’s perfect whether you’re looking for the basis of a wider army or bolstering an existing force. You’ll save money, too!

If you’re looking to add some legendary heroes to your Aeldari army, Eldrad Ulthran is now available in plastic for the first time since Death Masque last year, while the Triumvirate of Ynnead has been reboxed to include the new rules for the Ynnari from Index: Imperium 2, meaning you won’t need to buy this book if you’re looking to field a Ynnari army with your codex in open play.  And if you want to know more about the followers of Ynnead, you can also pre-order Gav Thorpe’s new novel ‘Ghost Warrior: Rise of the Ynnari’.

If you’re looking for some cool new gaming accessories to add to your Craftworlds army, the Aspect Warrior dice are ideal. With several styles of dice representing the different aspects, you’re free to pick your favourite (we’re quite fond of the sinister stylings of the Dark Reaper dice!).

Finally, as well as the new, this week (and this week only!) we’re celebrating the Craftworlds codex with a massive Made to Order wave featuring rare and iconic models from the army’s past. From the Rogue Trader Farseer to the ultra-rare Bonesinger, to simply some great looking alternative models for your Farseers and Warlocks, there’s something for every Craftworlds collector. Just make sure not to miss out – these kits will only be available for 1 week, before they disappear into the depths of the webway once more.

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