The Drukhari Raid Realspace in a Brand New Codex

Watch your backs, everyone – the Drukhari are once again raiding realspace, and no one is safe… Codex: Drukhari brings revised and updated rules for the denizens of the Dark City, alongside all the background, art and photography you’ve come to expect from the current generation of codexes.

The background section explores the history of Commorragh and the origins of the Aeldari who became the Drukhari. It delves into the various strata of society in the Dark City, and the Kabals, Covens and Cults that rule it. No fewer than 20 of these are detailed, giving you unparalleled numbers of ideas for constructing your force. Each of the units available to an aspiring Archon is detailed, with their role in the army and how they fit into the background explored. Uniform guides and a miniatures showcase give you a plethora of colour examples to work from, as well as showing the spectacle of Drukhari armies on the table.

When it comes to building your own army, there have never been so many options. 30 datasheets bring you the rules for every Drukhari model, while no fewer than 10 different factions from Commorragh – 4 Kabals, 3 Wych Cults and 3 Haemonculus Covens – give you unique special rules to personalise your force. And this carries through to the rest of the rules, with a host of Warlord Traits, 16 Artefacts of Cruelty and 33 Stratagems, including one for each of the unique factions. 6 Tactical Objectives and points values for use in matched play round out the rules.

The codex is available to pre-order now in hardback, eBook and Enhanced iBooks editions. If you want a visual feast, you can also pick up the collector’s edition, which features alternative artwork on a soft-touch cover, along with black page edges and a marker ribbon. You can also grab an easier way to refer to key rules in your games with Datacards: Drukhari, a set of 77 cards covering Stratagems, Tactical Objectives and a reference for the Drukhari Power From Pain rule.


You can pre-order your codex and datacards from the Games Workshop webstore, alongside a new Start Collecting! Drukhari set themed around a Wych Cult and containing a Succubus, 10 Wyches, 3 Reaver Jetbikes and a Venom – the perfect core to an army, or a new Detachment for an existing one!

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