The Elite of the XV Legion

Thousand Sons Horus Heresy players are getting thoroughly spoiled at the moment, with a whole legion of new models from the team at Forge World.

Today, Prospero’s defenders are reinforced by two of the most feared Legion specialist units in the Age of Darkness.

The Khenetai Occult are a mystical sect within the Thousand Sons Order of the Jackal who serve as the guardians of the five Prosperine Cults. They are all consummate swordsmen, the equal of any Emperor’s Children or Blood Angels blademaster. Their true strength though, lies in their unified psychic might; combining their power, the Khenetai Occult attack in a whirlwind of blows that can shred all but the most well armoured Space Marine infantry, or with the force to slay the greatest heroes or the mightiest robots of the Mechanicum’s forges.

The Thousand Sons Sekhmet Terminator Cabal join them on the front lines. These are the Terminator elite of the Legion: armed with both Force weapons and warp-blessed bolts, and armoured in Cataphractii plate, with two wounds each and a psychic mastery level of two giving them huge tactical flexibility, these guys are amongst the most powerful units in the entire game. Your opponents will learn to fear them.

Get both these new units here:

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