The Emperor’s Spears get official new lore and rules

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Anyone who’s read Aaron Dembski-Bowden’s Black Library novel Spear of the Emperor will be very much aware of this stoic Chapter of Space Marines. Yet even if they’re brand new to you, the good news is that the Emperor’s Spears star in their very own Index Astartes in January’s issue of White Dwarf, so you can learn all about them. What’s more, the article’s extensive lore section was written by none other than Aaron himself.

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Here’s a little taster of what you can look forward to reading in great detail in White Dwarf 460.

Warlords of Nemeton

The Chapter planet of the Emperor’s Spears is Nemeton, and the Index Astartes reveals more about their lush green home world. It explores why this storm world was chosen as a stronghold from which the Chapter could recruit and perform the solemn duty for which it had been founded – to serve among the Adeptus Vaelarii, the Sentinels of the Veil.

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Nemeton itself is populated by tribes of feral barbarians, whose harsh living conditions and warlike ways make them perfect aspirants for recruitment into the Chapter. However, the lore reveals that the Spears of the Emperor have a rather uneasy bond with the clans of Nemeton.

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The Adeptus Vaelarii

Fans of the Celestial Lions may know about the vast region of scattered worlds that form Elara’s Veil. This sub-sector had initially been under the Chapter’s sole stewardship – a thankless task which their proud warriors had long been hard-pressed to perform alone. Eventually, the Celestial Lions were reinforced with two new Chapters from the Twenty-Fifth (or Bastion) Founding to aid them – the Star Scorpions and the Emperor’s Spears – creating the Adeptus Vaelarii.

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But suffice it to say that the things didn’t go especially well for the Star Scorpions, and the Celestial Lions fared little better when an Inquisitorial purge all but decimated their Chapter. Yet despite the ill fate of their fellow Vaelarii, the Emperor’s Spears remain undaunted, staying true to their vow to defend Elara’s Veil.

Those are just a few of the tidbits of lore that you’ll be able to read about in the upcoming Index Astartes –  and we haven’t even mentioned the rules yet! Oh, go on, then…

Codex supplement rules

If you’re waiting to muster your own Strike Force of Emperor’s Spears, you’ll be pleased to know you can also look forward to a bespoke Chapter Tactic, Redden the Earth, as well as three Relics, three Warlord Traits, and a pair of Stratagems that are unique to the Chapter.

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You don’t have long to wait now – you can pre-order your copy of January’s issue of White Dwarf this weekend.* Or, to avoid worrying about pre-order dates or anything like that, simply subscribe and kick back while your magazine is spirited to your front door each month.

* Alas, due to circumstances beyond our control, Warhammer hobbyists down under in Australia and New Zealand will have to wait until the 22nd of January to pre-order your magazines.

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