The Fate of Konor: Battle Begins Now!

The Fate of Konor campaign has begun! Get down to your local store today to make your mark on the Warhammer 40,000 universe. The first planet of the campaign is now up for grabs; by playing games and painting models you can help decide whether it stays in the hands of the Imperium or falls to Chaos. As the theme this week is Start Collecting!, if the models you paint or use in your games happen to be from a Start Collecting! set, you get double points!

For this first week, players will be defending or despoiling Astaramis. As the key provider of bolt shells and manpower to the wider system, its loss would be a deadly blow to the Imperium and a chance for the forces of Chaos to establish a staging point for the rest of their invasion of Ultramar. If you want to make an impact from the very start of the campaign, the battle for Astaramis is your chance!

Check out the campaign website for all the details, including a special mission and new stratagems you can use in your campaign games. If you’re not sure where to record your games, there’s also a map to help you find your nearest participating store. Get stuck in today – the Fate of Konor is yours to decide.

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