The Fate of Konor: Imperial Victory!

The Fate of Konor campaign is over, and the Imperium has managed to clinch victory over Loebos and save the Konor System! The campaign was increasingly close towards the end, with Chaos managing to turn a poor start into a growing advantage each week, securing victory on two worlds, but the Imperium managed to ultimately take back their lead.

It’s just as well the Imperium won – a loss would have seen the Konor System devastated as Loebos was turned into a planet-killing plague missile. There are still difficult times ahead for the Imperium, though – while Mortarion may have been defeated here, his armies are just getting started, and the Death Guard are not known for giving up easily.

The full campaign results are preserved for posterity on the Fate of Konor website, and you can check them out here, whether you’re celebrating on behalf of the Imperium or commiserating with the forces of Chaos.

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