The Fate of Konor – The Muster Begins Now!

Konor’s darkest hour is almost at hand. Make ready your forces, steel your spirit and prepare for war – battle is only a few weeks away.

The new edition has seen thousands of players come together to play games and to share in the 41st Millennium, writing stories of heroism, betrayal and bloodshed on tabletops around the world. Soon, you’ll have the chance to join these stories together in the Fate of Konor, our massive global campaign. Over 6 weeks, players will battle to defend or to destroy Konor, a crucial Forge World in the Realm of Ultramar. Konor could be a pillar upon which a resurgent Imperium of Man could stand or if it falls, a rotting, rusted nail in the coffin of an already faltering empire.

There’s a range of ways to take part in the campaign, and the best players will have to prove their mastery in all aspects of the hobby to claim victory for their side. As well as points for winning games, starting from now, any models you build and paint for the campaign will count towards your side’s score, so even if you’re not a tournament-tier gamer, you still have a valuable contribution to make.

If you want to take your place in the campaign, now is the time to prepare. Dust off your old models, touch up your paint jobs, sharpen up your army lists – with every week deciding the fate of a different planet in the Konor System, every game counts, and you’ll want to get involved as soon as possible.

The battle begins on July the 29th. We’ll see you there.

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