The Forges are Relit

We have some great news! After taking a few months off due to the global pandemic, Forge World pre-orders are coming back this week, which means awesome new models for The Horus Heresy, Necromunda, Aeronautica Imperialis, Adeptus Titanicus, Blood Bowl, the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game, and more. From Friday, you’ll be able to pre-order Qin Xa, a new model for The Horus Heresy. Today we’re going to take a look at the Master of the Keshig and remind you of some of the other awesome Forge World models that are on the way.

Qin Xa

Bringing back Forge World pre-orders with a bang is Qin Xa. The Master of the Keshig is resplendent in his Tartaros pattern Terminator armour and carries a deadly pair of matched Dao blades. If you need someone to lead your White Scars in the bitter battles of the Age of Darkness, Qin Xa is a perfect choice as he is both an expert commander and a brute in close combat.

We’ll be taking a closer look at Qin Xa’s model and rules on Friday, but he’s just the first in a long line of Forge World pre-orders. 

Coming Soon

Over the last few months, we’ve revealed a number of awesome Forge World kits that will all be heading your way in the near future. Lion El’Jonson, the Primarch of the Dark Angels Legion will soon be joining his sons on the field of battle.

If you prefer to fight in the dark corners of the underhive rather than the battlefields of the Horus Heresy, these new Champions are on their way to reinforce Escher gangs… 

The skies of the 41st Millennium are also getting new releases from Forge World, as you’ll be able to unleash the Arvus Lighter in your games of Aeronautica Imperialis.

The worlds of The Horus Heresy, Necromunda, and Aeronautica Imperialis will be expanding over the months to come, as will those of Adeptus Titanicus, Blood Bowl, and the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game. Make sure that you set a reminder to pre-order Qin Xa on Friday and sign up to the Forge World newsletter so that you never miss out on a release.

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