The God-machine Walks

Of all the mighty war machines of the Adeptus Mechanicus, one towers head and shoulders and crenellated turrets over the rest.

The Imperator – or Emperor-class – Titan is a true marvel of engineering, the greatest engine of battle ever created – and this week’s new Black Library release goes into great depth on just how it marches to war. Imperator: Wrath of the Omnissiah by Gav Thorpe focuses on the Casus Belli, an Imperator Titan that has served the Imperium form ten millennia, and its crew.

With an Adeptus Mechanicus battle group supporting it, Casus Belli marches to the destruction of a nest of heretics and renegades. Traitor Space Marines, cultists, heretek tech-priests and corrupted Titans all stand between it and victory – and an equally deadly battle is being waged within the Titan, as the tech-guard commanded by Magos Exasus must root out and destroy a potential threat before it ends the war effort and dooms the entire battlegroup.

Imperator: Wrath of the Omnissiah is available as a hardback, eBook and MP3 audiobook, and also in a Special Edition format, complete with a bonus short story, as well as all the usual bells and whistles of design that you’ve come to expect from special edition books.

Order your copy, or download the digital editions and experience the majesty of
Casus Belli now.

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