The Golden Host Grows

Back in July, when the Fate of Konor global campaign was kicking off, Steve Harris joined us to talk about the Adeptus Custodes army he was building for the campaign. Now, with a whole new range of models and a codex available for the golden-armoured guardians, Steve has been revisiting his force to add new options. Here he is to talk about where he started: 

Steve: Some of you may remember that I have previously written about my love of the Adeptus Custodes (during the Fate of Konor campaign). Back then, the Custodes were more of an addition to an army rather than a fighting force in their own right, but my, how times have changed.

To start with, they now have HQ choices (huzzah!), foremost among them being Captain-General Trajann Valoris. He has been an absolute joy to build and paint. For ease, I chose to paint him in a couple of sub-assemblies, keeping his Watcher’s Axe, lion cloak and head separate.

As I used the same paints and techniques for all of the new models, I’ll write a list at the end of the whats and the hows to avoid repetition.

With my new HQ done, I wanted a retinue to go with him – and what better than a squad of Allarus Custodians? I had already decided I wanted to make a Vexilus Praetor out of both the Allarus Custodians and the Custodian Wardens, as their vexillas differ in style to that in the Custodian Guard box – meaning it will be easy to represent each of the 3 different vexillas from the new codex on the same battlefield without too much confusion.

This meant that I had 5 Terminators left from two boxes of Allarus Custodians to act as bodyguards for one of the most powerful characters in the Imperium – perfect. With this in mind, I built them all with castellan axes, in part to emulate their Captain-General, but also to mark them as different to the 15 Custodian Guard I already had, who all carry guardian spears.

As Trajann Valoris can’t normally be deployed via the Godstrike-pattern teleportarium, this could limit the Terminators’ flexibility should I want to field them together. However, by using the Stratagem From Golden Light They Come, Valoris is able to deploy in this manner. What’s more, when coupled with the Vexilla Teleport Homer Stratagem, they can get up-close and personal with anything I want to make dead by allowing me to place them within 6″ of a Vexilus Praetor, and more than 3″ away from enemy models.

Barring a truly horrendous charge roll, I should be able to get these paragons of Imperial might into combat as quickly as possible and without getting shot at too much. Add to this the Vexilla Magnifica, which forces my opponent to subtract 1 from hit rolls against Custodes units within 6″ of it, as well as the Allarus Terminators’ 4+ invulnerable save for being in a Battle-forged Detachment (thanks to their The Emperor’s Chosen ability) and this makes for a very durable unit.

The next thing will be some Vertus Praetors, an essential Fast Attack option with some heavy hitting firepower, as well as the wonderful new Custodian Wardens… but that’s for another article.

Colouring them in:

Spray Retributor Armour, dry brush with Stormhost Silver and shade twice with Reikland Fleshshade Gloss.

Base coat with
Leadbelcher, wash with Nuln Oil Gloss, highlight with Stormhost Silver, then glaze lightly with Guilliman Blue.

Base coat with
Abaddon Black and highlight with Dawnstone.

Shoulder pad insets:
Base coat with
Mephiston Red and shade with Agrax Earthshade Gloss.

Silver details:
Base coat with
Stormhost Silver and shade with Nuln Oil Gloss.

Helmet plumes:
Base coat with
Mephiston Red, wash with Agrax Earthshade and dry brush with Troll Slayer Orange.

Base coat with
Rhinox Hide and highlight with Tuskgor Fur.

Base coat with
Dawnstone and highlight with White Scar.

Eye lenses:
Base coat with
Ceramite White and glaze Waywatcher Green. When the glaze is dry, spot Biel-Tan Green into the corner.

We’re sure we’ll hear from Steve again soon when he adds those Vertus Praetors and Custodian Wardens. In the meantime, why not pick up some Adeptus Custodes models of your own and try out his colour scheme for yourself? Remember to show us the results on the Warhammer 40,000 Facebook page.

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