The Grand Tournament Heat 1: The Roundup

The first heat of the Warhammer 40,000 Grand Tournament is over, and the winners have been announced, with Ultramarines being crowned as the ultimate victor of the event!

Here are the top 15 armies from the first heat:

  1. Space Marines
  2. Space Marines
  3. Chaos Daemons
  4. Chaos
  5. Imperium
  6. Astra Militarum
  7. Genestealer Cults
  8. Chaos
  9. Craftworlds
  10. Ynnari
  11. Astra Militarum
  12. Astra Militarum
  13. Imperium
  14. Astra Militarum
  15. Adeptus Ministorum

The tournament saw a diverse range of lists. Astra Militarum proved a popular choice, with some great armies on display including a beautifully painted armoured column of Leman Russes and an all-classic Vostroyan force. Chaos armies of all stripes also made a strong showing, with a scattering of xenos forces – largely Necrons and Ynnari – also proving popular.

Space Marines, particularly Primaris Space Marines, made an excellent showing at the event. The Banner of the Emperor Ascendant makes bunkering down in cover with long-ranged units like Devastators and Hellblasters very effective, while units like the Razorback, and even the humble Rhino, proved to be versatile and efficient list choices.

As you’d expect, many of the top lists featured Roboute Guilliman, thanks to the universal effectiveness of the Primarch of the XIIIth Legion. Whether at the centre of a gun line or charging into the fray to fight in close combat, this legendary hero was a fixture of many top armies, both mixed Imperium and Ultramarine alike.

If there was a general rule for the armies present at the Grand Tournament, it was that in general they were drawn from those factions with codexes of their own. This should be very promising for the next few months and the next heat, which will see even more codexes available. Of particular note are the upcoming Craftworlds and Tyranids books, which should help bring out the xenos players to compete with their Imperial and Chaos counterparts.

The ultimate winner of the first heat was an armoured Ultramarines force:

Lord of War: Roboute Guilliman

HQ: Tigurius

HQ: Space Marine Captain with Teeth of Terra (relic)    

Troops: 6 Tactical Squads (lascannon in each squad. Sergeants carrying chainsword and bolt pistol)    

Dedicated Transport: 6 Razorbacks (Twin assault cannons)

Flyer: Stormraven Gunship (lascannon, multi-meltas, hurricane bolters)  

Lawrence, who played the list, also demonstrated keen tactical talent as well as sportsmanship and some pretty nifty brushwork, picking up 6 points from Favourite Player and Favourite Army votes.

What about our Warhammer Community representative, Rhu?

Rhu: I’m going to see the weekend as more of a learning experience than anything else. I got to play against a diverse range of lists, and I’ve already started tweaking my own in response (top tip – take more plasma!). With three losses, but a couple of convincing wins, I managed to claim 42nd place, failing to qualify for the Grand Final by a single GT point! Nevertheless, I had a fantastic time, and I’d like to shout out to all my opponents for some tense and enjoyable games against some awesome looking armies. Taff, I’d like to commend you in particular for your kind words when my Leviathan detonated and killed my Chaos Sorcerer, while Ian, I’m sorry I killed your Imperial Knight before it did anything. I’ll be following the progress of the next few heats keenly – best of luck to everyone that did make it through!

Fancy seeing some of the games from the top tables yourself? Warhammer Live was streaming all weekend, and even played host to the winning army (and also Rhu!) – you can watch it back whenever you like by subscribing on Twitch.

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