The Greater Good: Shadowsun Strikes

Along with the next chapter of the Psychic Awakening saga, the greatest living hero of the T’au Empire is getting a new model. Join us as we take a closer look at who Shadowsun is, her forthcoming miniature and updated rules.

Who Is She?

More than 400 years ago, O’Shaserra was one of the most promising warriors in the Fire caste academies. As such, she was selected to train under the legendary Commander Puretide, where she excelled, outstripping all others save one – the most highly favoured of all Puretide’s students, Commander O’Shovah. Upon the death of Commander Puretide, O’Shaserra was placed into stasis so that his teachings could live on for future generations.

In the intervening years, O’Shaserra has been awoken several times – she helped to turn back the largest Ork invasion that the T’au Empire had ever faced, during which she earned the name Shadowsun. Selected to lead the Third Sphere Expansion, her victories proved her to be the true heir to Commander Puretide’s legacy. Revived again following the disappearance of the Fourth Sphere Expansion, Shadowsun leads an armada to seek her lost kin.

As part of the Fifth Sphere Expansion, Shadowsun’s armada discovered the lost T’au and defended the Startide Nexus from the forces of the Death Guard. Now she begins a new era of expansion for her people.

As you can see, this stunning new miniature perfectly fits in with the aesthetics of the rest of the T’au range. The model also conveys a sense of motion, which contrasts with the heavier, more static battlesuits of the septs.

Battlesuit Upgrades

Shadowsun has received a brand-new version of the XV22 Stalker battlesuit, and it is now better than ever. Along with a flechette launcher, pulse pistol and light missile pod, she now has the choice of taking dispersed fusion blasters for melting Space Marines or high-energy fusion blasters for taking out enemy armour. Can’t decide? Well, you can always take one of each!

While Shadowsun has kept her MV62 Command-link Drone, her MV52 Shield Drones have been replaced with an MV37 Advanced Guardian Drone.

As the overall commander of the Fifth Sphere Expansion, O’Shaserra is now able to join any T’au Sept in battle. Yes, she can even fight alongside her great rival, Commander Farsight

Whichever Sept you choose to lead with Shadowsun, she is an excellent commander as well as the bane of vehicles and heavy infantry across the battlefields of the 41st Millennium.

The new Commander Shadowsun model is available to pre-order from Saturday, along with Psychic Awakening: The Greater Good. In the meantime, pick up the Black Library eBook Shadowsun: The Last of Kiru’s Line to learn more about this legendary T’au Empire warrior.

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