The Grot Awakening: Saga of Makari

Sometimes Gork (or possibly Mork… in fact, almost certainly Mork) smiles down on a lowly Gretchin and they are marked for greatness. Join us as we take a look at possibly the greatest grot of all – Makari!

Many Ork Warbosses employ a Gretchin to carry their banner into battle to better inspire the ladz. The most famous of these grot standard-bearers is Makari. He spent years following his boss and waving his banner on countless battlefields, somehow surviving against all odds. Then came the slanderous ’umie rumour that he’d been sat on and then fed to a squig. That was clearly just propaganda to prevent the Imperium from becoming paralysed with fear at the prospect of Makari running rampant – he’s clearly still alive.*

One of the reasons that Makari has survived so long is because he’s no ordinary Gretchin. He’s stronger, tougher and has more Wounds than the rest of his kin. Not only that but he has an impressive WS of 4+, meaning that he only misses with half of his attacks.**

He’s also one incredibly lucky grot – clearly, Mork (or possibly Gork) is looking out for him.

Unlike the grot blasters carried by his Gretchin brethren, Makari carries his stabba, preferring to do his fighting up close and personal. As you can see from the Tempestus Scion head on his base. It’s a surprisingly effective weapon.

Such bravery isn’t usually a trait shown by Gretchin, and so Makari proves to be an inspiration for the other grots in the army.

The battlefields of the 41st Millennium will soon have a new master when Makari is released alongside the next chapter of Psychic Awakening, Saga of the Beast. In the meantime, pick up a unit of Gretchin for him to lead to glorious victory.

* Of course, that would mean that Makari has lived longer than any Gretchin ever. It’s entirely possible that his boss keeps “volunteering” new grots for the honour, but he doesn’t have time to learn their names so they’re all Makari to him.
** That’s pretty good for a grot.

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