The Horus Heresy Doubles Army – by Mark and Alistair

Mark: I first got into the hobby when I was 12, thanks to a friend who bought me a Space Marines bike. Since then, I have collected multiple Warhammer 40,000 armies, and most recently I have found the history of The Horus Heresy to be very interesting. I just love finding out how the Space Marines of the 41st Millennium came to be.

I game regularly at my local game store, where I have met loads of like-minded people who help me gain a better understanding of all aspects of the hobby, from gaming to painting.

The recent Horus Heresy Doubles Weekend, at Warhammer World on January 28-29th, was my friend Alistair’s first Horus Heresy event at Warhammer World. The Imperial Fists pictured below belong to him and the Blood Angels are mine. I have taken part in Throne of Skulls and the Shadow War campaign weekends before, so I knew what to expect. As it turns out we did not win many games during the event. Luck just wasn’t on our side, although we both thoroughly enjoyed the weekend.

We went for a ‘Siege of Terra’ feel about the armies, so Blood Angels fighting in close quarters getting fire support from the Imperial Fists. The Blood Angels Praetor was converted using Forge World’s Khârn model with a lot of Blood Angels parts. The Imperial Fists Praetor was converted using Forge World’s Asterion Moloc, with Polux’s shield, which was converted by Alistair.

The Blood Angels were painted by: undercoating Mournfang Brown; drybrushing Ironbreaker, washing with Agrax Earthshade, drybrushing with Runefang Steel; and then applying Mephiston Red over the top, leaving some of the silver showing on the edges of the armour to show battle damage.

The Imperial Fists were undercoated with Mournfang Brown and then basecoated with Averland Sunset, with recesses shaded with Agrax Earthshade, and a highlight of Yriel Yellow. The battle damage was done by lightly sponging the armour with Rhinox Hide.

I have also included some pictures of my World Eaters army, which I took to the Shadow War campaign weekend. I am currently working on expanding my Blood Angels and looking forward to the Throne of Skulls event in March.


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