The Horus Heresy – Pete Rees’ White Scars

We love seeing epic Horus Heresy armies, and when we saw Pete’s awesome White Scars Legion, we knew that we had to share it with everyone. Pete Rees started playing The Horus Heresy back in 2016 and has now built up a sizeable White Scars force. Here’s what he has to say about his sons of the Great Khan.

Pete: The White Scars, the Ordu of Jaghatai, the savage horse nomads of Chogoris, Terra’s Forgotten Sons – there are many names that the V Legion have been called, and for the last two years, I have called them mine.

The army started whilst I was at the Horus Heresy Weekender 2018, extremely enthusiastic after coming out of the seminar where it was revealed that they would be in Book 8. Having read Brotherhood of the Storm, Scars, and The Path of Heaven and picked up the Primarchs novel Jaghatai Khan: Warhawk of Chogoris that weekend, I was all set for a new Legion with the added challenge of painting white power armour – impossible, I thought! I loved these books for the way that Chris Wraight brought one of the least-known Legions of the Heresy to life and for their connection to the Thousand Sons, who were my original Horus Heresy force.

About two weeks later, I started posting up pictures of White Scars test models that I had painted to show my friends, receiving very positive feedback, and my project started to snowball to the point where I had 2,500 points painted by the end of that June. With the force prepared, I travelled to play several games at a Horus Heresy event and ended up receiving what would be the first of several best-painted awards for what I call ‘The Brotherhood of the Red Dragon’.

Painting white can be very daunting at first, but after deciding I wanted to do it I had a chat to Andy Hoare at the Horus Heresy Weekender. He offered tips on how he had painted his White Scars, and I was able to use this as a base for how I would tackle mine with really simple methods. You can actually find these in this article on his White Scars.

My initial approach to the army was to have it fast-moving and mounted using the Chogorian Brotherhood Rite of War, which unlocks Outrider and Skyhunter squads as Troops choices but requires my Khan to be mounted too. It’s a lot of fun to play – it allows board control and speed, which is essential in objective games, and lets me strike where I need to in other missions.

I’ve since expanded my force to be able to run the Armoured Breakthrough Rite of War, which unlocks Predator tanks as troops with Sicaran battle tanks as Elites. I also love the Angel’s Wrath Rite of War, which allows any unit that can choose a Rhino as dedicated transports to be mounted in Storm Eagles – requiring the entire force to arrive via flyers or use Skimmers and Jump Infantry to assault the enemy position creates unique and thematic ways to play. I’m currently painting up several Land Raiders so that I can also run the Armoured Spearhead Rite of War.

Since getting my hands on The Horus Heresy Book 8 – Malevolence, I’ve been adding the Legion-exclusive units to my force. My favourite one so far is the Kyzagan Assault Speeder – a heavily armoured speeder fitted with two reaper autocannons and a kheres assault cannon. At present, I run them in a squadron of two, and I need to paint up another. I love Land Speeders – it was one of the first units I got back in the second edition of Warhammer 40,000, and now I have 11 of them in this army, filling up all my Fast Attack choices!

I also love the Ebon Keshig. They are a great denial unit, and where most Legions have specific elite Terminator units that are there to break enemy lines and score objectives, the White Scars have jetbikes for that! Instead, the Ebon Keshig cause a very lethal distraction, tying up what would be other legion’s elite shock troops. They can easily strike down foes with their AP2 power glaives and then, if needed, sacrifice themselves while denying the enemy any advantage or reward!

I’ve really enjoyed building and painting the Golden Keshig too. In battle, they’ve been fantastic, smashing through enemy defences with their lances that strike on the charge at an incredible Initiative 10!

It’s been really fun building this army so far, and the material in the Black Library books has been inspirational. The final part of this project has been converting several of the characters from the stories, including Hasik Noyan-Khan, Targutai Yesugai, Qin Xa and Revuel Arvida.

My collection currently stands at 10,000 points painted and a further 8,000 points sit waiting to go under the brush! I can’t wait to see what else I add in the future, but until then we’ll keep riding in the name of the Great Khan.

Thanks, Pete! Start your own White Scars Legion by picking up a Praetor to lead your forces against Horus and his Traitor armies.

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