The Knight Errant returns for Christmas

Merry Christmas folks,

As has become traditional each Christmas, today we’re releasing a new eBook exclusive title. This year, the Angel on the Christmas tree is clad in advanced but unadorned ceramite armour, and is on a mission of critical importance assigned to him by the highest of powers. He is a loyal son from a fallen Legion, a champion of humanity and a Knight Errant of Malacador.


The book is The Horus Heresy: Garro the 42nd novel length instalment in the series. It compiles together Garro’s full journey since the events of the Flight of Eisenstein. You can now follow the story of this knight in shining armour, as he battles traitors across the galaxy and discovers a new faith amidst the ruins of treachery.

A print edition of this book is on the way too, but you’ll need to wait until 2017 before you can add that to your collection.


As well as that, Black Library are counting down the 12 days of Christmas from today, and kicking off with a free story for everyone! The tale is The Librarian’s Acolyte, and you can download it here:


Three will be another new offer or promotion on Black every day for the next 12 days too.

And finally, we have another surprise for you tomorrow, in the shape of another Digital eBook Premier!

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