The Latest on New Releases

Hey folks – it’s been a wild couple of weeks and we wanted to give you a bit of an update on what’s going on here at Games Workshop, specifically on the subject of new releases. Well, as you know, Games Workshop is carefully following guidance from governments both here in the UK and throughout the world to keep all its staff safe and healthy, closing all its sites until an initial date of the 14th of April. This includes the factory and distribution centres in the UK, USA and Australia, etc. 

Even once things re-open, our legions of tech-priests will need a bit of time to chant the litanies of reactivation to get the machines back up and running. So, there will be no new physical* releases launched until at least the 2nd of May. As you would expect, these dates may be delayed further in due course.

To help you pass the time until then, we’ve got all sorts of great things planned, both here on the Warhammer Community site and on Warhammer TV. Most exciting of all, we have our first online Warhammer Preview tomorrow, aaaand we might just have a surprise for you at the end of tomorrow’s preview show… be sure to follow along with all the latest news in the live blog that will start rolling right here at 2:00 pm UK time.

See you there!

* Want a Warhammer fix right now? We’ve got you covered – head over to Warhammer Digital and Black Library to shop from a massive range of ebooks, audiobooks and more.

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