The Necrons Awaken Once Again

The ancient empire rises. Necron Overlords, grab your warscythes, awaken your legions and prepare to take back what once was yours, because the new Codex: Necrons is here.

This 120-page codex is your complete guide to the Necron dynasties, their methods of war and how to use them on the tabletop. It contains a comprehensive history of the Necrons from ancient times to their reawakening in the 41st Millennium, and a look at the differences between the major dynasties (differences you can now reflect in your games – but more on that shortly). Each of the units available to a Necron Overlord gets a thorough showcase, detailing how they fight as part of a Necrons army. A guide to the organisation of a tomb world, the colour schemes of several dynasties and typical markings are accompanied by a gallery of pictures of models and of the Necrons at war. And of course, there are the rules for using them all in your games.

36 datasheets cover every model in the Necrons range, from the humble (though nigh-unkillable) Necron Warrior to the mighty Tesseract Vault, with a captured C’tan Shard at its heart. Alongside these – and matched play points for them – you will find special rules for five of the most powerful Necron dynasties. Each of these has its own abilities that will define the way you play, alongside unique Stratagems (among the 27 in the book), Warlord Traits and Artefacts of the Aeons. There are also 6 Tactical Objectives usable only by Necrons, and 6 powers to select for your C’tan Shards.

You’ll find all of this in the hardback, eBook and Enhanced iBooks editions, as well as the deluxe Collector’s Edition, with its full-art soft-touch cover, marker ribbon and black-edged pages. You can also pick up a set of Datacards, which bring together all your Tactical Objectives, Stratagems and powers of the C’tan in an easy to use, and extra portable, format.

If you’re tempted to start your own Necrons army, there are a couple of easy ways to do so. The Forgebane boxed set hits shop shelves today and includes the start of a Necrons force, alongside some Adeptus Mechanicus to use as target practice. The perfect complement to this is the new Start Collecting! Necrons set, which contains a fantastic core for any force. A Necron Overlord leads 12 Necron Warriors, 5 Immortals (which can alternatively be assembled as Deathmarks) and 3 Scarab Swarms into battle, while an Annihilation Barge gives you the option of a powerful destructive vehicle plus an additional Lord, or you can build it as a Catacomb Command Barge for some airborne leadership.

The new Codex: Necrons, Datacards: Necrons and Start Collecting! Necrons are available to pre-order now.

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