The NOVA Open Warhammer 40,000: The Gauntlet Is Thrown

Of all the Warhammer events at the NOVA Open, the most prestigious is the Warhammer 40,000 Invitational, bringing together the world’s best players for some intense competitive gaming. In this year’s invitational, Games Workshop’s own Pete Foley has been drawn against hobby superstar, playtester, and Las Vegas Open organiser Reecius, who has some fighting words for his would-be rival:

Reece: Pete may have been one of the creative minds behind the new edition of Warhammer 40,000, and he may also be tall, handsome, intelligent and a great player, but that doesn’t matter and let me tell you why: I’ve been on an intense training regimen to strengthen my resolve, hone my skills, and prepare for this legendary bout! I share this secret knowledge with you now but I warn you – if you have the intestinal fortitude to commit to this program, you will never be the same…..

(While reading this, it is appropriate to play “The Eye of the Tiger” in the background.)

5:00 am: Wake, eat a breakfast of raw eggs while throwing darts at a picture of Pete’s face.

6:00 am: Practice rolling 6’s on my dice. 1 in 6 times, it works every time!

9:00 am: Read every codex.

Noon: Read them all again, but this time: blindfolded.

3:00 pm: Play 10 practice games of Warhammer 40,000 at the same time. Win them all.

7:00 pm: Eat a dinner of raw beef while drawing hearts on a picture of Pete’s face, er, I mean while drawing targets on a picture of Pete’s face! Angry targets!

8:00 pm: Go to the gym. Lift all of the weights.

9:00 pm: Sleep. Dream of sweet victory and being carried away by adoring fans as Pete weeps bitter tears of defeat.

As you can see, this daily routine means this game can end only one way: total domination! I tweeted to Pete that he should notify his next of kin and prepare a will because I’m coming in to NOVA like Fulgrim, and he’s Ferrus Manus!

If you are friends with Pete, send your condolences because it’s looking pretty grim…and dark. He’s going to need a Golden Throne to keep him going after this game.

Game on, Pete! Here is the list that spells your DOOM!

Space Marines: Red Tigers Chapter

Detachments: 1 Brigade

Command Points: 12


  • Lias Issodon: Chapter Master of the Raptors and my personal hero
  • Captain with Jump Pack: thunder hammer, storm shield
  • Lieutenant: master-crafted bolter, chainsword (I often give him the Teeth of Terra)


Fast Attack

  • Scout Bikers x3: storm bolter x1
  • Scout Bikers x3: storm bolter x1
  • Scout Bikers x3: storm bolter x1


  • Scouts x5: bolters
  • Scouts x5: bolters
  • Scouts x5: bolters
  • Tactical Marines x5: heavy bolter, storm bolter
  • Tactical Marines x5: heavy bolter, storm bolter
  • Tactical Marines x5: heavy bolter, storm bolter

Heavy Support

  • Devastator Squad x6: heavy bolters x4, Armorium Cherub
  • Devastator Squad x7: multi-meltas x4, Armorium Cherub, combi-plasma
  • Devastator Squad x7: lascannon x3, missile launcher x1, Armorium Cherub, combi-plasma


Sounds deadly! We’ll be seeing if Reecius manages to tear Pete to pieces in their game on Thursday – make sure to come back to Warhammer Community for the results!

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