The Ocean’s Might and the Imperium’s Wrath

This week sees a tidal wave of new releases from both the Mortal Realms and the 41st Millennium, as the Idoneth Deepkin kit you’ve been waiting for finally surfaces, and the Imperium’s foremost alien hunters burst back onto the scene in a big way – and with some serious reinforcements.

First up, we have the mighty Akhelian Leviadon. This truly astonishing model is a centrepiece for Idoneth Deepkin armies, a mammoth sea creature that bears some resemblance to a turtle – but of extraordinary size and carrying a howdah on its back filled with four crew.

Even for such a large model, the Leviadon itself has several points of customisation, with articulation in the head, bladed flippers and rear body to allow you to have slightly different poses on additional models. There’s also a choice of two heads – with mouth open and closed – to add variety.

The crew consists of a Ma’harr, who pilots the Leviadon through the ethersea. Gripping the reins, he comes with a choice of heads. Two of the crew are firing the razorshell harpoon launchers mounted in the howdah and come with alternative arms allowing them to be built reloading their weapons. Finally, there is the Void Drummer, whose rhythm sends ripples through the ethersea, cloaking nearby Idoneth Deepkin from view.

Also included in the kit are a host of accessories for customising your Akhelian Leviadon (or using elsewhere in your Idoneth Deepkin collection), including nets, cauldrons and jars, designed to make the Leviadon feel like a nomadic beast that serves as home to its crew.

The Akhelian Leviadon is available to pre-order now, and its rules can be found in the hardback and eBook editions of Battletome: Idoneth Deepkin, as well as in the Warhammer Age of Sigmar App.

Meanwhile, in the grim darkness of the far future, aliens are on the rise. In recent months, we’ve seen new codexes for the T’au Empire, Necrons, the Tyranids, not to mention the Aeldari of the Craftworlds and their Drukhari kin – and there are more on the way! The Imperium is protected from these xenos threats by the might of the Deathwatch, an elite alien-hunting force of Space Marines. But with so many new xenos armies popping up, the Deathwatch badly need new blood… and they’ve got it, as the Primaris Space Marines are recruited into their ranks!

Codex: Deathwatch heralds a new beginning for the alien hunters, as their existing battle-brothers and Kill Teams are joined by their Primaris brethren. The new codex includes full rules and datasheets for the existing range of Deathwatch units, plus almost the entire Primaris Space Marines range – from Intercessors to the Repulsor, there’s a massive range of new options for the black-clad heroes.

You can also recruit a new kind of Kill Team, as Intercessors are joined by your choice of Hellblasters, Reivers, Aggressors and Inceptors to form a powerhouse unit that can deal with almost any threat.

The codex also includes everything else you’d expect – a host of Stratagems, unique Warlord Traits, Relics of the Vigilant, Tactical Objectives, psychic powers for your Librarians and, of course, matched play points. There are also rules for Mission Tactics, which allow a Deathwatch Detachment to gain a bonus against a particular type of foe – for example, Furor Tactics are effective against Troops choices, while if you need to shift a particular Heavy Support element of the opposing army, you’ll want Malleus Tactics. These pair well with several Stratagems which allow you to shift your Mission Tactics during the game to take advantage of the strategic situation.

The codex is available in hardback, eBook and Enhanced iBooks editions, as well as a rather spiffy Collector’s Edition for those of you who like your rules presented in a particularly striking format.

You can also pick up a set of Deathwatch datacards now, which contain all the Stratagems for the army, as well as a complete Tactical Objectives deck and cards for each of the Librarius psychic powers.

Finally, you can also pick up Watch Captain Artemis as an individual model. One of the greatest heroes of the Deathwatch, Artemis – originally of the Mortifactors Chapter – has been the bane of many a xenos foe. His combi-flamer – known as ‘Hellfire Extremis’ – and power sword make him a formidable fighter, while his stasis bomb can spell the end for even a powerful alien leader, causing up to 6 mortal wounds. Artemis comes in 7 components and is available to pre-order now.

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