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No gang is complete without a suitably awesome moniker – after all, no self-respecting resident of the underhive would be willing to give their life for “dave’s gang, name tbc”, but the “Sump Town Slaughterers”? Now you’re talking…

Of course, not everyone has the time to pore through classic fiction, old rulebooks and dog-eared issues of White Dwarf in pursuit of the perfect gang name – but thankfully, John Ashton from Heresy & Heroes is on hand with a nifty Orlock name generator that’ll give you a menacing moniker in moments to match his previous work for the Houses Goliath and Escher:

Hello all. My name is John Ashton from Heresy & Heroes and I’m here to talk to you once again about naming your Necromunda gang, and this time, I’ll be looking at the tough guys and gals of House Orlock.

In the first iteration of Necromunda, House Orlock were known to some as “The Normal Guys”. In an underhive filled with mad monks, mutants, muscle-bound maniacs, murderous maidens and every other type of monster you could imagine, the guys from House Orlock were fairly mundane. Of course, for some, that was actually the appealing factor, but they could get passed over in the madness of it all as the game grew.

None of that can be said about the newly released Orlock gang, who now have a background and look that sets them apart, while still representing a very obviously human element of Necromunda. From the somewhat-hipster hairstyles (“We hang out in this really cool bit of the underhive – you’ve probably never heard of it”) to their tough-as-old-boots boots, they have a very human look that sets them apart from the other gangs. It’s utilitarian, hard-wearing, and perfectly captures a House that works hard and will defend their turf at any cost.

In Gang War 2, you’ll find a great amount of background on this gang and everything that they get up to as the hive’s industrial powerhouse, marching through the ash-wastes guarding deliveries of the ore they’ve extracted from the vast mineral reserves below Hive Primus to the smelting facilities of House Goliath, far beyond the city’s walls. You’ll also find that they have names like ‘John’ and ‘Jak’, among other monikers, making them feel even more ‘normal’. The miners of the ‘House of Iron’ now have a fleshed-out history and description that does them proud, and it’s well worth delving into.

Now, how you name your gang is, of course, up to you. I know one guy who is naming each member of his Orlock gang after American football teams, while someone else has named their gang after a rather infamous gangster film (or a brand of pizzas – I’ve not worked out which it is yet). But I’m here to give those of you who need a little inspiration exactly that. I love coming up with these name generators, and I hope this one can help you to name your new gang.

So, if your initials are JA (like mine), you get the ‘Jackhammer Angels’ as your gang name. I love this, as it highlights their industrial nature, but also their predilection for a dust-up too. If your name was Chris Peach (Hi Peachy!), you’d get the Chain-breaker Posse – a name that highlights the history of miners uprisings that have helped to shape the House of Iron, and also that they are very definitely a gang.

Try it yourself and see what you get! I hope you found this name generator useful, and maybe one day our gangs will meet, and you’ll see me smile when I recognise the name of your band of brothers or sisters. May the Dice Gods be ever in your favour. Onwards to the underhive!

We’re Warhammer Community, which would make us the Wrecking Ball Crew. Nice! Thanks, John! If you fancy starting a gang to match the name you just made, get yours here.

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