The Red Thirst Returns to the Tabletop

Sons of Sanguinius, your time is here. Codex: Blood Angels is now available to pre-order, and it’s the start of a new era for the scions of Baal.

The 77 datasheets in the new codex cover all your existing units, from the versatile Tactical Squad to the brutal Furioso Dreadnought – and a whole lot more besides. After the events of The Devastation of Baal, the Blood Angels and their Successor Chapters (of which you’ll find colour schemes and heraldry for eight in the codex) have been reinforced with the full range of Primaris Space Marines, so you can add Intercessors, Aggressors, the Repulsor, and the rest, to your army, all in a lovely red. But that’s not all – the Blood Angels armoury now includes the Stormtalon and Stormhawk flyers too, as well as Cataphractii and Tartaros Terminator armour, giving you loads more options for your air support and elite warriors.

It’s not all about the datasheets though. Like each of the new codexes, Codex: Blood Angels brings you a wealth of options for customising your force and playing style. The 6 new Warlord Traits and 6 Relics of Baal allow you to create your own unique characters to lead your army into battle, imbued with powers that evoke the spirit of the Chapter. And speaking of powers, there are six psychic ones in the expanded Sanguinary discipline, making your Librarians, Primaris Librarians and Librarian Dreadnoughts distinct from the psykers of other Chapters.

Meanwhile, 6 Tactical Objectives give you new, thematic ways to gain victory points in your Maelstrom of War games, while 25 Stratagems allow you access to powerful in-game abilities that can drastically change the tide of battle in your favour – and that reflect the way the Blood Angels wage war in the 41st Millennium. Speaking of which, there is, of course, a ton of background lore in the book, updated to bring the Chapter into the Dark Imperium, alongside epic artwork, battle photography and uniform guides to help you organise and detail your models.

That’s the codex – but what else is on offer for the Blood Angels? First up is a set of datacards, containing a full Tactical Objectives deck, the Sanguinary psychic powers and all 25 Blood Angels Stratagems (plus the three from the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook) in handy portable form. There’s also a fantastic Blood Angels Dice set containing twenty dice, each one featuring blood drops in place of the usual pips, with a skull for the 1, and the Blood Angels winged teardrop in place of the 6. Twelve of the dice are red with black icons, four are in Death Company black with red, and the remaining four are gold and red, reflecting the colours of the Sanguinary Guard.

There are models to go with the new codex too. The Blood Angels Primaris Upgrades set contains 21 components, including 9 shoulder pads, 3 heads, 2 weapons arms and 7 accessories to customise your Primaris Space Marines and turn them into unique Blood Angels heroes. You can also get these accessories packaged with Primaris squads in a trio of boxed sets: Blood Angels Primaris Intercessors, Blood Angels Primaris Hellblasters and Blood Angels Primaris Aggressors

Finally, there is a unique new character model, Blood Angels Lieutenant Tolmeron. This detailed model shows how Primaris Space Marines can look with Chapter-specific styling, and contains 15 components, including alternative heads, hands and pistol holster.

All of these new releases are available to pre-order from the Games Workshop webstore now, and you can also order the eBook and Enhanced digital editions of the codex from Warhammer Digital and iBooks.

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