The Road to Thramas – Part 2: On the Knight Shift

Last time on the Road to Thramas, we took a first look inside The Horus Heresy Book 9 – Crusade and some of the new units contained within. Now, we’re taking a look at a new Elite option for the Dark Angels Legion.

Thramas was one of the most brutal war zones in the entire Horus Heresy. Where the fighting was most intense, Lion El’Jonson would unleash his elite Inner Circle Knights Cenobium. What’s a Cenobium? Good question!  It’s a temporary cell of warriors from an Order of the Dark Angels, assembled on the eve of a mission that requires their unique skills.

Clad in the finest Cataphractii pattern Terminator armour, the cenobites* of the Inner Circle could easily weather the storm of shrapnel and flame produced by the terrible weapons of the Great Crusade with limited risk. Armed with the best weapons that the Legion could provide, they would bring the fury of their assault into the heart of enemy formations.

The models to represent this squad are truly stunning. They are covered in the symbols and heraldry of the First Legion and you can see the similarities with the Deathwing Knights 10,000 years later, with their hoods** and Dark Angels iconography.

The squad are all armed with a Terranic greatsword and a plasma-caster. The latter is a weapon that’s unique to the Dark Angels and is a smaller version of regular plasma weaponry, fitted into the vambrace to allow the Inner Circle Knights to fight unencumbered in combat.

Before a game begins, you can select the Order that your Inner Circle Knights are from – each one is dedicated to a singular creed of war. Each different Order provides the unit with a special rule for the duration of the battle that enhances their specific fighting style.

Whichever Order you induct your Knights into, they are going to prove crucial in the conflicts across Thramas, Triplex and beyond.

The Inner Circle Knights Cenobium will be available later in the year, as will The Horus Heresy Book Nine – Crusade. In the meantime, pick up a Dark Angels Legion Praetor to lead your Knights into battle.

* Only the most dedicated warrior-adepts of the Legion can attain the rank of cenobite and are granted the right to bear the cipher of one of the Orders of the Dark Angels.
** Even in the 31st Millennium the Dark Angels liked their secrecy.

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