The Road to Thramas – Part 3: Terror Troops

So far in the Road to Thramas, the Dark Angels have had things their way. That ends today, as it’s time to take a look at the Contekar Terminator Elite from the Night Lords Legion.

Contekar Terminator Elite

When the VIIIth Legion needed butchers and murderers of the highest calibre, they unleashed the Contekar Terminator squads. With recruits taken from Nostramo’s ruling elite, they would only fight for leaders they deemed worthy of their attention. In fact, the Contekar would often be dispatched to wrest control from Night Lords whose commanders thought them unfit for the Legion. 

Armed with heavy flamers or volkite cavitors and Nostraman chainglaives, they are going to bring abject despair and destruction to the Thramas system. The Nostraman chainglaive, in particular, is going to slice through a lot of Loyalist Space Marines.

You can take full advantage of the Contekar Terminators by fielding them as additional Elites choices as part of a new Night Lords unique Rite of War – The Cross of Bone. 

With new Rites of War, new units and new characters, The Horus Heresy Book 9 – Crusade will allow Night Lords players to persecute their war of terror across the galaxy on an unprecedented scale.

Legion Arquitor Bombard with Morbus Heavy Bombard

This Horus Heresy campaign book also adds extra units for both sides in the bitter civil war. We’ve already seen the graviton-charge cannon version of the Arquitor and the spicula rocket system has been deployed. Now, it’s time to show you the standard* version of the Arquitor, armed with the devastating Morbus heavy bombard.


The shells fired by the Morbus heavy bombard bring absolute devastation to even the most heavily armoured enemy units. Clearly, even Mortarian was impressed, as there’s more than a touch of the Arquitor about the daemonic Plagueburst Crawlers that he unleashed on the Imperium after the Heresy.**

Be sure to pick up an Arquitor for your Legion before the Death Lord gets his daemonic hands on it…

The Horus Heresy Book 9 – Crusade will be released later this year, as are the Contekar Terminators and Arquitor with heavy bombard. In the meantime, pick up a Night Lords Praetor so that the Contekar have someone to keep their eyes on.

* If any such lethal artillery platform can ever be described as “standard”.
** Imitation IS the sincerest form of flattery!

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