The Road to Thramas – Part 7: End of the Road

This is the final episode of The Road to Thramas, but don’t worry – we’re going out with a bang! We’re taking a peek inside The Horus Heresy – Book 9: Crusade, looking at Lion El’Jonson and Konrad Curze (the stars of the book), and giving some free downloadable rules for all of you Dark Angels fans.


We’ve already shown you some of the awesome things that are inside the new Horus Heresy campaign book, but we’ve only scratched the surface. Take a look at the full contents… 

As you can see, it’s absolutely packed with Age of Darkness goodness. Along with a host of new rules and in-depth background for the Dark Angels and Night Lords Legions, it includes missions that let you recreate the Thramas campaign. It also contains new units that can be taken by any Space Marines Legion, and additions to the forces of the Solar Auxilia and Imperialis Militia and Cults. 

Lion El’Jonson

The majestic Primarch of the Dark Angels Legion makes his Horus Heresy debut in this campaign book. Even though we’ve already shown off the model, we can’t resist showing you again because it’s just so good.

As we’ve come to expect from these demi-gods of war, the Lion is an absolute beast on the battlefield, able to bend the course of events to his will in order to claim victory. He even comes with a choice of weapon so that you can decide how you want to cut through Traitors.

Both options are incredible, but we can’t help but love the Wolf Blade. Not only is it brutal for carving through larger units, but it’ll also make all of your Space Wolves-playing friends even more jealous of your forces.*

Konrad Curze

Opposing the Lion is Konrad Curze, the Night Haunter. Like his brothers, the Primarch of the Night Lords Legion is an epic warrior, able to easily slice through Loyalist troops with his unique pair of lightning claws. We’ve already seen what Curze is capable of – his rules were first published in The Horus Heresy – Book 2: Massacre, but they’re included again in Crusade for easy reference. If you’re yet to face him on the battlefield, make sure that you watch out for the insidious terror tactics that he uses on his enemies – it’s not for nothing that he’s known as the King of Terrors.

Even the noble Dark Angels will struggle to stand against such a formidable force of nature. Fortunately, they’re getting some early reinforcements.

Farith Redloss and Holguin

As a thank you for joining us on the Road to Thramas over the last few months, we’re going to share some exclusive rules for the Dark Angels with you. Farith Redloss is a Master of the Dreadwing and has an unparalleled knowledge of all of the weaponry in the First Legion’s arsenal. Before battle, he can choose between three different ranged weapons to wield alongside his power axe. If you plan on getting up close and personal, choose the magaron pattern atomantic pulse pistol.

Holguin meanwhile, was one of the few Terran-born warriors to claim a place in the Council of Masters. This Master of the Deathwing has access to a number of the Legion’s venerable relics, including the Viridian Blade.

You can add these legendary warriors to your Dark Angels forces right now – download their complete rules here.

Both of these Masters of the Deathwing are excellent choices for your army and can help the Lion overcome the Night Haunter in the bitter battles of the Thramas campaign.

The Horus Heresy – Book 9: Crusade and the fantastic new Lion El’Jonson model will both be available to pre-order next month. While this may be the last in the Road to Thramas series, we’ll hopefully be bringing you similar previews of upcoming Horus Heresy campaign books. In the meantime, keep an eye on the Horus Heresy Facebook page for the latest news from the 31st Millennium.

* And they’re already SUPER jealous!

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