The Space Marines Primaris Captain and Primaris Librarian: Now Available!

Today, the Adeptus Astartes are getting two new heroes in the form of the Primaris Captain and the Primaris Librarian. These are classic Space Marine champions given a Primaris upgrade and are perfect whether you’re looking for a new commander for your forces from Dark Imperium or a powerful and flexible option for a long-standing Space Marines army.

Like the Intercessors, these guys benefit from the Primaris gene-seed with a greatly enhanced physiology. Each has an extra Wound and an extra Attack compared to their non-Primaris alternatives, and have a different selection of wargear options – Primaris Captains, for example, can wield a master-crafted stalker bolt rifle. Both heroes function in a Space Marines army like the standard Captain and Librarian, and the Captain’s aura abilities work on all friendly Space Marines models of the same Chapter.

The Primaris Captain is a master of warfare, whether he’s commanding his forces directly or prosecuting the Emperor’s wrath with bolter and blade. Combining advanced Mk X armour with a wealth of extra detail signifying his rank and experience (our favourite is his cyber-monocle) he’ll look right at home in the thick of your Intercessors. There’s no-Chapter specific detail on the model, so you’ll be able to add this stalwart commander to your army whatever your favourite Chapter is, while interchangeable heads and weapons mean he’ll be easy to customise however you like.

The Primaris Librarian combines the advanced technology of the Ultima Founding with mysterious psychic might, and his miniature is a testament to this, wearing customised Mk X armour laced with industrial-looking cabling designed to channel his powers. Like the Primaris Captain, you’ll be able to add this hero to your Space Marine Chapter (with the exception of the Black Templars, who view warp-magics both as heresy and a poor substitute for getting up-close and personal with a chainsword).

There are rules in the box for each of these characters, meaning you’ll be able to add them to your games as soon as you have them built. You’ll be able to include these champions in non-Codex compliant Chapters too – we’ve provided a downloadable guide to including the Primaris Captain and the Primaris Librarian in your Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Space Wolves and Deathwatch forces. There’s also the points you’ll need to bring these guys to your matched play games.

Get your guide below:

Your can order both of these new heroes today.

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