The Space Wolves on Crusade

The Space Wolves are arguably among the most narrative-driven Warhammer 40,000 factions, with many of their units and rules inspired by the constant drive of Fenrisian warriors to earn a glorious saga in battle. The Crusade campaign system is, therefore, a perfect vehicle for representing the way the Space Wolves fight, and they’ve been blessed by the Allfather with some wonderfully thematic campaign rules in their new codex supplement. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

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The book includes five new Agendas that can be used during your Crusade battles, representing many different ways in which your Space Wolves can earn experience as rewards for performing heroic acts. From a Character living up to An Audacious Boast made before the battle to a Wolf Guard veteran mentoring the young warriors of the Blood Claws in the heat of battle, there are some great options to choose from. But we’ve gone for a classic Fenrisian notion to showcase – killing a mighty opponent so that the deed will be worthy of remembrance.

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Use this to mark key enemy units for death, then sing sagas of their demise after cutting their threads.


The Space Wolves will have access to four new Requisitions, all of which exemplify different aspects of the Chapter’s background. One Requisition enables you to turn a unit with sufficient Battle Scars into a Lone Wolf, while another plays upon the rivalry between the Space Wolves and the Dark Angels. Hero of Renown, however, allows you to celebrate the heroism of a Character who has performed mightily in battle.

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Use this to reward a Character’s heroism on the battlefield, and they’ll gain the benefit of their Saga from the start of every ensuing battle!

Battle Traits and Deeds of Making

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For those of you who remember the classic (and ultra-violent) upgrade of yore, Mark of the Wulfen, you’ll be pleased to know it’s making a return as one of the Character-specific Battle Traits!

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Give this to a Character* who loves to get stuck into their enemies (specifically, their spilt internal organs), and watch them rip and tear their foes limb from limb!

Alternatively, instead of a more traditional Battle Honour, you can give your Space Wolves Characters a single Deed of Making. Not only is this an excellent opportunity for your in-game avatar or other favoured Character to earn a heroic epithet or suffix for their name, but it comes with a sweet new ability too! Do you fear that one bad roll could give your glorious Warlord an unwanted Battle Scar should they fall in battle? Choose Wyrdmeet and laugh in the face of death!

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Would you rather meet the dread beasts of your enemy head-on before laying them low with a hurricane of blows from your thunder hammer? The aptly-named Wyrmslayer is the Deed of Making for you!

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“Lo, there, did Hrolf of the Blackmanes,
Smite the fell beast with axe in hand,
And thus earn the name Wyrmslayer…”

See? With rules like this available to you, the sagas of your favourite heroes will practically write themselves!

Crusade Relics

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The Space Wolves will also have access to a pair of new Crusade Relics that can be earned as your Characters gain renown. In fact, one of them is actually the Spear of Russ, no less! There’s also the Wyrdmaker’s Helm – an Antiquity Relic that offers two handy (or should that be hands-free?) abilities.

40kSpaceWolves Crusade Oct29 Boxout3a

There’s loads more Crusade content in Codex Supplement: Space Wolves, including a name generator (and we all know that Space Wolves have the best sounding names of all). This glorious codex expansion is up for pre-order this very weekend, so secure your tome of Fenrisian greatness on Saturday! In the meantime, make sure you’ve got a copy of Codex: Space Marines, as it contains all of the core content for this codex supplement.

* A spare Wulfen head or set of claws would also make for an excellent kitbash for a warrior ‘blessed’ with the Mark of the Wulfen.

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