The Tiger Shark returns to duty

Death is coming from above for all who fail to join the Greater Good today, as the T’au Empire is being reinforced with a new version of the Tiger Shark. This 87-part kit contains everything you need to add this super-heavy flyer to your sept, including multiple weapons options for both the Tiger Shark itself and the drones built into its wings.

There are options to have the Tiger Shark’s undercarriage detachable, to mount missile bays or drone bays, and to have missile racks open or closed – and the kit is even cleverly designed to allow you to magnetise these options and choose differently each time you use it.

The Tiger Shark is a formidable addition to any T’au Empire cadre, capable of disgorging swarms of drones or firing volleys of missiles while raking the enemy with ion blasts, or it can be given heavier firepower in the form of armour-bursting swiftstrike railguns or the terrifying new long-barrelled cyclic ion blaster.

Rules for the Tiger Shark can be found in Imperial Armour – Index: Xenos, with additional rules for the long-barrelled cyclic ion blaster in a handy PDF download:

You can order your Tiger Shark now from Forge World, and for a limited time, every order will receive a set of Air Caste Ground Crew as well, perfect for creating a scenic diorama, or perhaps using as objective markers in your T’au Empire force.

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