The very best of sports

Today, a heartwarming tale of sportsmanship, generosity and the power of community…

While most games of Warhammer are played in a friendly environment where winning never trumps having fun with a fellow hobbyist, sometimes the heat of the moment and the siren call of the dice can get the better of a player. This was the case during the semi-finals of the Las Vegas Open last week. However, a courageous and most sporting gamer, Alex Fennell, opted to take the high-road, forgoing any protest that might have caused a heated debate, and played on despite being put in an impossible position. As expected, Alex lost.

Meanwhile, watching via Twitch, Marc Merrill, co-founder of Riot Games (makers of League of Legends) and himself a massive Warhammer 40,000 fan, posted a tweet… He wanted to give Alex a $5,000 sportsmanship award for the way he conducted himself during the game.

Alex, again showing himself to be a thoroughly decent human being, pledged the money to a children’s hospital. He even went on to convince his employer to match the donation.

When we heard about this, we were blown away. So we’re really pleased to say that Games Workshop will also be contributing $5,000.

For us, this is a great reminder of the importance of sportsmanship in gaming. Fun is at the core of the Warhammer hobby, and it’s reassuring to know that even in the semi-finals of a tournament that has a large cash prize, most hobbyists play with that in mind.  

In fact, we’ve realised we really ought to do more to reward sporting play. We’re now working on plans for an annual Most Sporting award. We’ll hopefully have something more to tell you this summer. Until then, have fun gaming.

– The Warhammer Community Team

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