The Voice of Mars

David Guymer returns to the Iron Hands in today’s new novel release from Black Library, The Voice of Mars. The title refers to a mysterious position within the Chapter, ten thousand years old but only now coming to the fore. When he is tasked with unlocking the secrets of the Dawnbreak Technologies, a cache of aeldari artefacts, Iron-Father Kristos, current holder of the position, finds himself in more danger than he could have ever expected – and not only from his enemies…

Intrigue within the insular Iron Hands beckons in this epic new tale, available to download as an eBook right now or to order in hardback ready for dispatch next week. And if you want to read David’s earlier Iron Hands work, check out The Eye of Medusa and the audio drama The Calculus of Battle, both of which can be downloaded from all the usual places.

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