The Warmaster Demands Your Shelfies!

Warmaster Horus is, beyond doubt, one of the defining characters of the Warhammer 40,000 universe – and he has a massive book series named after him to prove it. Who better, then, to be immortalised in the form of bookends and to stand sentinel over your bookshelves? What are we talking about? Well, these!

These glorious book guardians are coming your way on Saturday as part of Black Library Character Week. They’re made from resin, have a weathered stone finish, and depict the Warmaster at the height of his power, complete with his iconic talon, the mace Worldbreaker, and his immense wolfskin cloak. They’re designed to keep your books in line – hopefully with better results than Horus with the Traitor Primarchs – but are gorgeous sculptures in their own right, and we imagine they’d be pretty fun to paint too.

To celebrate the release of these bookends, we want to see your shelfies! What’s a shelfie, you ask? It’s like a selfie, but for your shelf. Yep, we want to see your Black Library collections. Whether you have just a handful of paperbacks, or a shelf groaning beneath the weight of deluxe limited editions, share them with us! We asked around the office for some examples. Check them out.

We’ve shown you ours… now it’s your turn. Head to Twitter, the Black Library Facebook page and Black Library’s Instagram and share your shelfies… for the Warmaster! Use the hashtag #BlackLibraryShelfies so that everyone can see your magnificent collections! And don’t forget to order your Horus Lupercal bookends this Saturday, along with the rest of the amazing Black Library Character Week releases.

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