The Warmaster: It’s Here

It’s finally here! Six years after the release of the previous book in the series, Gaunt’s Ghosts are back in action in The Warmaster. It’s a direct follow-on to Salvation’s Reach, opening with the Tanith First, in mourning after the tragic events of their mission to disrupt their Chaos-tainted armies, travelling through the warp to Crusade high command on the vital world of Urdesh. But the story takes some unexpected twists and turns, and the Crusade the Ghosts return to may not be the same one they left…

As usual, Dan Abnett manages to up the stakes for the Tanith in this new novel, while stabbing you right in the heart as beloved characters suffer horrible fates – but The Warmaster also changes the status quo for Gaunt and the Ghosts in some seriously interesting ways, and is a truly thrilling addition to the series.

You can download the eBook or MP3 audiobook and find out for yourself right now, or if you prefer to read the hardback, you can order your copy now, and it will start shipping this week. For the true Tanith aficionado, there is the amazing special edition, which contains a bespoke edition of the novel, complete with the additional story ‘Killbox’, in print for the first time, alongside a host of extras, including a journal, cap badge, banner and much more, all packed in a regimental supply crate. It’d make a perfect Christmas present – for a loved one or yourself!

But what if you’ve never read a Gaunt’s Ghosts novel? Where do you start? Well, we have just the release for you. The Founding, the opening trilogy of the classic series, is also released today in a brand new paperback edition. Comprising the novels First and Only, Ghostmaker and Necropolis, it’s the perfect starting point for new readers and a great way to re-immerse yourself in the world of the Ghosts if it’s been a while.

Also in paperback today is Gav Thorpe’s Angels of Caliban, a Horus Heresy novel focusing on the two sides of the Dark Angels – those loyal to the Lion, who wreak havoc on Ultramar as they hunt for the traitor primarch Konrad Curze, and Luther’s rebels, who are on the verge of joining the larger war as the Death Guard reach Caliban… Delve into the mysteries of the First Legion with the new paperback edition.

All of these titles are available to pre-order now. And remember that, with us into December, the Black Library Advent Calendar is also up and running! Every day, a brand new eBook Quick Read or MP3 audio drama is released, ready for you to download and enjoy – and if you want them all (and we certainly do!), you can pick the amazing Advent Subscription, which will get you access to a new story every day for 24 days – and you’ll only pay for 15 them. A Christmas miracle! Head to the Black Library website to find out more.   

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